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Issue 20

Welcome back to the nineties! This decade was full of amazing fashion, music, and books that gave voice to our culture. We’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane and bring you some of our favorite moments from this unforgettable decade. Issue 20 features Takerra Allen, author, director, executive producer, and one-half of ASP Films. We discuss her writing journey from "Heaven's Hell to "Last Stop from Innocence".

As always, we've got our regular features: Charlotte's Young-Foye and Shonda Mays take us back down memory lane with "Old School Forever" and Growing Up in the 90s." Erick S. Gray talks about the backlash from the new Little Mermaid. Haikeem Stokes takes us to Kendrick Lamar's "Big Stepper's Tour," and Author Untamed invites you to "Wine Down with Words." In Write News, we have Tanisha Stewart, and Who's Next features Violette Meier, Kim Morris, and Yasmin S. Brown.

Grab a pumpkin spice late and take a ride with us as we go back... way back... Back to the 90s!