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From Phoenix C. Brown

DMX and his growl have been a part of my life since “What’s my Name” came blasting through my Uncle’s stereo. His contribution not only to music but to many of my favorite movies, “Belly,” “Romeo Must Die,” and “Never Die Alone,” showed that his talent would not be limited to just one genre. I am most appreciative of him for the wisdom that he has passed in through interviews. I’m praying he pulls through because there is so much lore that we could learn from him.

From Shonell Bacon

My heart hurts to learn of DMX's current medical condition. To say that his music has got me (and still gets me) through many rollercoaster moments in life is an understatement. I am praying fervently for his recovery and healing.

From Haikeem Stokes

At the end of every one of DMX's shows, he'd bring the crowd together; then, he'd lead everyone in sincere, heartfelt prayer. Now it is our turn to stop everything, come together, and do the same for DMX. Let us all pray.

From Diane P. Rembert

Today, my heart is heavy, and my mind is restless. Earl Simmons, aka DMX aka Darkman X, is a legend in the hip-hop industry who has been transparent about his demons. Instead of judging him, I choose to pray for Earl, the man, the father, the significant other, and the friend. Uplift his family because they are suffering too. Prayers up!

From Angel Mechelle

I am praying for DMX to pull through this. His distinct sound and hard-hitting lyrics will be forever embedded in hip-hop history. I hope his family and friends find comfort in one another as the world holds them close to their hearts during this time.

From Charlotte's Young-Foye

When I heard the news that Earl Simmons, AKA DMX, also known to me as The People's Preacher, was hospitalized due to a drug overdose, everything stopped. Tears sprang to my eyes immediately, not DMX. Relief flooded me when I found out that he was still alive.


DMX fought demons his entire life. I have an autographed copy of his book Earl, and it is just heartbreaking. It tells the story of a super-sensitive young boy abandoned by his mother, taken to a group home, and left at a young age to fend for himself. It is the sad reality of young black boys left to survive alone in the ghetto. Yet Earl was special; he kept his faith even though everyone in the world except his grandmother turned their back on him. That faith carried him throughout his career when nothing else could.


His first successful album, "it's Dark, and Hell is Hot," spoke to fellow forgotten children around the world. His passion, grit, and determination propelled him to succeed even when he became addicted to his kryptonite, the almighty crack. DMX had many ups and downs over the years, but I just want to concentrate on the ups. He had two number-one albums on the charts in the same year he single-handedly rescued DEF JAM from the Red. Movies were next; he is a great rapper and an even better actor. DMX was slated to be a mega powerhouse in Hollywood, starring in Belly, Romeo Must Die, my favorite Donald Goines book "Never Die Alone," an underrated MASTERPIECE!   


The legendary VERSUZ with him and Snoop had him back in public and back in our hearts. It reminded us that we love him so much because we knew despite it all, he loved us. 


The People's Preacher always started his show with a prayer. So I would like to end this with a prayer.


Today Lord, we come to you our hearts heavy and heads bowed. We thank you for allowing Earl Simmons to enrich this world with his presence. Thank you for allowing us to know through him that we are not alone, and we asked you to heal the mind, body, and spirit of one that has healed so many others with the gifts that you bestowed upon him to share with the world. We beseech you to allow us to continue to reap the blessing that is DMX. Restore him to us so he may be a testament to the power of prayer and perseverance. Where one or more are gathered in your name, miracles happen. Today we are gathered for your child Earl Simmons. Allow us to witness the power of healing and forgiveness. We love you, DMX. We all slip; the power is in the getting up AMEN.

From Erick S. Gray

Get well, DMX. Everyone is praying for you. With his raspy voice, unapologetic and aggressive lyrics, and dropping two successful albums in one year, DMX became one of my favorite rappers of all time. He changed the game with that “Ruff Ryder’s Anthem.” Until this day, “Damien” and “Get at Me Dog” have become classics. And when I read his book, “E.A.R.L,” it took me on a deep journey into his world and upbringing, and it made me understand him more. DMX, you always kept it honest, even about the demons you were fighting daily. You’re a beast and a survivor. You became a successful rapper and movie star, and you said to the world, no matter what your past may have been, your future is spotless. Respect.

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