Write Your Novel In 2022: Pt4

A novel features a character experiencing events as time passes. Character and plot are inseparable because a person is seeing what happens through them. If there is no clear idea of who a character is, what values they have, and what their fears are, the reader cannot understand the significance of your story, and your plot will seem disjointed.

Building a unique, three-dimensional character in non-fiction writing is the process of creating a character with deep unique traits, personality, and specific goals. Character development is performed.


A group of characters that are usually seen in fiction comprises the antihero, hero, villain, damsel-in-distress, mentor, sage, and innocents. Many of these characters can be found in each story at least once.


The antihero is a protagonist that usually does not possess the qualities of a hero, such as courage, morality, and a special desire to achieve the greater good; thus, he's still the protagonist of the story but serves as a contrast to a conventional hero.


The hero’s main heroic feat is to overcome the antagonist of darkness. It is the long-anticipated and expected triumph of consciousness over the unconscious.


A character that displays the characteristics of the innately devious. Typical villains are self-focused, power-hungry, and preoccupied with their own self-interest, often at the expense of the well-being of others.


The Heroine in Distress exists to be rescued by the Hero. This is the namesake for the archetype, even though these characters don't have to be women. Damsels in Distress can be defined as a goal, a trap set by the Villain, or next to a Guardian Hallway, in some cases.


An appropriate, experienced and friendly individual who gives advice is a guide or enabler (in a fictional narrative). Being a guide often involves advising the character and helping shape his or her growth.


The Sage personality's particular strength, success, and fulfillment derive from his or her complete dedication to knowledge and truth. For the Sage, being able to gather reliable facts and share them will certainly contribute to a better world.


The Innocent esteems the serenity of judgment and establishes harmony amongst individuals and their surroundings.


A great way to get to know your characters is to ask them questions and reply honestly from their perspective

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