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Write News: Ebony Farashuu

Ebony is an award-winning author and owner of Metamorphosis Ink Publishing, LLC.

In 2007, Ebony released her first novel, Slow Burn, via Kobalt Books and Entertainment. Slow Burn earned Ebony the 2007 Shades of Romance Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards in the following categories: Best Multi-Cultural Fiction Book of the Year, Best Multi-Cultural Fiction Author of the Year, and Best New Multi-Cultural Fiction Author of the Year...

Tell us about your artistic process. How do you get from idea to finished project?

This may sound crazy, but my characters speak to me. I can be driving down the highway and suddenly dialogue or an idea will pop into my head. This is what happened with Damian’s Windsor. I was literally driving down the highway and chapter one just started pouring into my brain like a cosmic download. I sped home, holed up in my office, and the first few chapters of the book were born.

After I’ve written a few chapters of a book, I turn it over to my beta readers to see if the beginning of the story sparks interest. Once I confirm it’s a page-turner, I just start writing until I’m forced to place my attention elsewhere.

For many scenes, especially erotic scenes or scenes with heavy emotions, I’ll listen to music that keeps me in the mood of my characters. I consider writing a form of method acting. I must do whatever is needed to get into the emotion of the scene. I’m a very sensitive person so it sometimes takes me months to write a book because I’m often so deep into a character I need to step away for an emotional detox.

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Artisan soap maker, Windsor Bradley wasn’t looking for romance, but the moment she locked eyes with a handsome stranger in an art gallery, she knew she’d be going home with him… if only for one night.

Author, Damian Anthony couldn’t believe his luck when he found himself dancing with the most intriguing woman in the room. He didn’t know what to expect when he showed up at the art gallery, but he never imagined he’d be leaving with a beautiful woman on his arm. After an incredible night of pleasure, Damian wakes up alone, wondering if it was all just a dream or the beginning of something deeper.

What happens when a one-night stand leads to an intense craving you can’t explain? How do you reconnect with a stranger you only know by their first name? Will Damian and Windsor’s night of passion be a fleeting moment in their lives… or will it lead to a lifetime of love?

Sexy, emotional, and healing, Damian’s Windsor will make you laugh and cry, while sending erotic tingles throughout your body, as only an Ebony Farashuu novel can.

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