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Debra Owsley is the founder of Simply Said Reading Accessories and Litversations, businesses that offer various reading accessories and consulting services. Owsley's passion for reading led her to these creative endeavors, which allowed her to work with and meet authors she has long admired. In addition to selling custom bookmarks, book thongs, and other items for book lovers, Owsley also created LitVersations, a book conversation game with 70 questions for more in-depth book discussions. She uses this game herself and has also seen it used by authors for book discussion questions and interviews.

Owsley has worked with major best-selling authors, bookstores, event planners, and other industry professionals. She helps authors promote and market their books on a budget and will soon be published as an author herself. Owsley also developed Lit Kit, a promotional toolkit for authors, which is available as a monthly or bi-monthly subscription. This kit is designed to help authors sell more books, build better relationships with readers, and have more fun with their marketing and promotion efforts.

For readers, Owsley offers a subscription box called LitVersations, Book Love in a Box, which includes treats, items for reading, and a book from one of her favorite authors. In her other role as a hairstylist, Owsley runs an in-salon book club called Under The Dryer, where she shares her latest reads with clients and encourages them to support authors. In her free time, Owsley enjoys reading, traveling, dancing, and discussing books with friends over good food.


Intellectual Ink Magazine believes that supporting black businesses is essential to creating economic justice for the Black community. By utilizing the power of the Black dollar, small businesses have the potential to create jobs, provide vital resources, and stimulate economic development in their local communities. Unfortunately, Black-owned businesses are facing unique challenges due to systemic racism and discrimination in access to capital and other resources. Throughout the year we will be SPOTLIGHTING BLACK ENTREPRENEURS to help with these initiatives.

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