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Kim Morris is a serial composition book and pen-buying author and poet, who loves to write longhand. If you like reading about love, drama, deceit, and murder, then log on to Amazon and purchase her books. She recently released her fourth book Just Emotions. Other titles by Kim Morris include Slipping In The Darkness, Tears I Shed, Tears I Shed 2, and the short story Karma. She is currently writing her fifth book. Kim also writes poetry and has a book Rhythms in Purple under the pen name Kyrielle Simile. When not writing, she loves to re-purpose old furniture and paint abstract art.

Kim loves hearing from her readers, so come share some of your time with her via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram as @poetdiva1.

Kim is featured in Issue 20 Intellectual Ink Magazine: Issue 20 eBook : Ink, Intellectual, Stokes, Haikeem, Young-Foye, Charlotte: Books

Just Emotions: Morris, Kim: 9798841012559: BooksHOME

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