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Knowledge-seekers Unite! Solange Free Lending Library

BIN (Black Information Network) reported that Solange‘s Saint Heron has partnered with For Keeps’ Books Founder Rosa Duffy to create a free, digital library filled with “esteemed and valuable” books from Black creators.

Mission Statement from their website

Welcome to the Saint Heron Community Library; a growing media center dedicated to students, practicing artists and designers, musicians and general literature enthusiasts. We believe our community is deserving of access to the stylistically expansive range of Black and Brown voices in poetry, visual art, critical thought and design. The library’s focus is education, knowledge production, creative inspiration and skill development through works by artists, designers, historians, and activists from around the world. Offered seasonally with selections by guest curators, this collection of rare, author-inscribed and out-of-print literary works can be borrowed up to 45-days, for free to our U.S. based community. Special thanks to our partners Aesop.

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