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January Issue Is Here!


Happy New Year from Intellectual Ink Magazine.

2021 was a phenomenal year for most of us, although some would like to forget it. We hope that our magazine brought a little joy to those affected by sadness, and we pray that happiness finds you in the year ahead. This month's issue is starting with a bang. Ernest Owens, president of the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists, is this month's feature. He sits down with Charlotte Young Foye to discuss his role with PABJ and their important work, his podcast "Ernestly Speaking," and some of his most memorable experiences as a journalist. Haikeem Stokes interviews the extraordinarily gifted Elissa Gabrielle, and Shonda Mayes helps us clarify and execute our goals in the new year. Of course, we have our usual staples, Charlotte's Closet, Who’s Next, and WTF with Erick Gray. We thank you for all your support, and we are looking forward to showcasing many more of you in 2022 and beyond.

Love and light

Julia, Allison & Charlotte

Reading your bio and all of your accomplishments it's very clear that you are driven, and cemented in your purpose. You have so many accolades: Award-Winning Journalist, Media Mogul, PABJ president, and the youngest person to crack the Top 100 Most Influential African American list of 2021. Tell us what drives Ernest Owens?

What drives me the most is knowing that what I do can make a major impact on the world around me. I was fortunate to grow up around family and friends who constantly made me feel that I mattered. The older I get, the more grateful I am for my upbringing and the reminders I got that I had the ability to make a difference. In everything I do outwardly, I reflect on how that can shape public opinion, policy, and/or institutional change. All of us truly have the ability to improve, disrupt, and sway something around us no matter the scope. Knowing that I have the capability to do this every day drives me.

The thing that sticks out to me most is your age. You’ve accomplished so many amazing things in a seemingly short amount of time. I applaud you for that. Being so young, does your age come with disadvantages when it comes to being a leader? Some people can be fickle when it comes to taking direction from someone whom they consider to be their junior, no matter how highly qualified you are for the position.

Age is definitely a double-age sword when you’re a younger adult in the industry. At 30, you’re considered desirable as a mentee, pupil, and apprentice. You’re often afforded a level of guidance and attention because many believe you’re ripe for influence and impressionable to be controlled. That being said, younger millennials who strive to become leaders and leave such a nest of mentorship are often seen as a threat. Some of the same people who guided you on your career path will suddenly question your readiness the moment you seek independence. What I’ve learned is that self-agency, maturity, and confidence have no age on it the moment you are an adult. I’ve met wise young leaders and old fools – age is relative when it comes to one’s ability to act and lead.




After an unforeseen death, Lovely Alcoa finds herself at a crossroads in her life. This tragedy throws her life into a tailspin sparking years of heartbreaking behavior. Can Lovely once again find what was unpredictably stripped away? Will Lovely's heart and mind survive a complicated love affair?

Balinna Luden's relationship over the years with Marcus Doughboy Atkins was toxic. Since her evolution into adulthood, her motto about affairs of the heart has changed. She never wants to plague her life with love or relationships. The only thing on her mind is satisfying her own desires no matter the cost or who gets hurt in the process. A hiccup puts that theory to the test when a chance encounter with a stranger throws a wrench into her way of thinking. Will the temptation of losing her heart finally let love take control? Will Balinna find herself once again in another complicated love affair?

Over the years Laria Stewart never knew what it meant to be genuinely loved by a man. She never received unconditional love from Grady Wilson or Lemen Crawley. Laria's mindset changed once she meets a new potential love interest. Laria discovers how hot sex, romance and jealous ex boyfriends develop into a complicated love affair.

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