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Podcasts hosts are in the spotlight all month long on Intellectual Ink, and today we're Getting Caught Up with Author Untamed


INK MAG: First question, how do you find the time? The amount of work you produce, from your award-winning novels to your journalistic endeavors, popping social media content, and popular podcast, leaves us in awe of your talents. Walk us through a day in the life.

UNTAMED: That is a simple yet difficult question because sometimes I'm in wonderment of how I keep it all together. Please walk me through a day in my life, LOL! In all seriousness, everything I do is led by the spirit. I ask God to order my steps every single day. I do have an assistant that helps with the podcasting side, and I've been blessed to have a co-host, Crystal, Books, and Soul who has turned into a phenomenal asset. Still, I am mostly a one-woman show. To that, all I can say is, but God! I am a stickler for a schedule. (I have a whiteboard and two calendars that I use daily) Admittedly, with my hands in several pots, it's sometimes difficult to maintain because I catch curveballs all the time. Such is life and business. For me, it's important that I always start each day with prayer, and I ask God to help me tend to what the garden needs and work out the rest in due time. Prayer and scheduling have been my winning formula and just like my prayer, it always works out.

INK MAG: Before we jump into the podcast our readers want to know about the writing. Tell us about your latest release, and what you are currently working on.

UNTAMED: My latest release is part 5 in my Never Again, No More series. This book released in December 2021. Part 5 is the continuation of the story of four best friends, Trinity, Lucinda, LaMeka, and Charice, who were teen mothers and how the decisions they've made as young adults have impacted their lives, their children's lives, and their love lives. Part 5 opens with one of the characters, Terrence, life hanging in the balance from a gunshot wound from his cousin who was lovesick for Terrence's wife, Trinity. Lucinda's rage with her ex-fiance, Aldris led her into the arms of his childhood best friend, Mike, and now they are dealing with the aftermath of their decision. LaMeka has finally found love with Gavin, but Gavin's family's secret threatens to rip their relationship apart. Charice is married to her high school sweetheart after they lost their daughter, but she's still battling feelings for her ex-fiance, Lincoln who desperately wants Charice back. Currently, I am promoting part 6 which is the conclusion of this series and releases in June 2022. My novel, The View 2 is also currently in audiobook production and will be released in 2022 in audiobook.

INK MAG: Where can readers find your work, and are you planning to attend any author events in person this year.

UNTAMED: Readers can find my work through my personal website at or my business website at My works are also available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook on all major retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Target, and Walmart. My novels Never Again, No More, and The View are also shelved in several Walmart and Barnes & Noble locations. I will be attending a few in-person events. Currently, I am slated to attend the Me Time Book Club's Behind the Ink event in Birmingham, Alabama on April 30th at the Harbert Center from 11:00 am - 4 pm and at the Atlanta Kickback on Saturday, July 16th at the Georgia International Convention Center in Atlanta, Georgia from 11:00 am - 4 pm. I hope to sign up for a couple of others to round out my year.

INK MAG: How did the Get Caught Up Podcast come to be?

UNTAMED: The Get Caught Up Podcast started out as a labor of love for African American authors in the indie literary community. When I first entered the publishing industry, there were very few spaces that were available that embraced literature written by black indie authors, especially new ones that didn't charge an exorbitant amount of money. I started the podcast as my way of providing a place where black indie authors, especially newbies, could build their author portfolio by providing free author interviews with zero strings attached. Now, that has expanded to POC authors and mainstream authors as well, but the first interview is still free and the only thing that is required is that the authors follow the social media accounts for the podcast and like/subscribe to the podcast. It's a ton of work, but I do it because I love and support my fellow authors, and it's my way of giving back to an industry that has given me great opportunities.

INK MAG: What do you find challenging about being in this space, and what brings you joy?

UNTAMED: As an author, what's most challenging about being in this space are actually the same things that bring me joy. It is disheartening when I see readers who don't give new or little-known authors a chance because they are stuck on their favorite or go-to authors, especially ones who state they are avid readers or deem themselves as reviewers and bloggers. It's the same with authors who do not network with anyone except their clique of authors or incorrectly network with authors to get their leg up in the industry. However, I've met some dynamic readers who saw my book in a convenience store and decided to take a chance on me or purchase my book because my videos made them laugh. These readers don't mind checking out new or new-to-them authors and spreading the word about an author's work whom they loved no matter if they are new or well known. I've also met some authors, bloggers, and reviewers who have become my dearest and closest friends in this industry.

Ironically, as a podcaster that runs the same. It's sometimes challenging to get readers to support new or little-known authors, and likewise, some authors only want the exposure but have no interest in supporting the community that supports them. On the bright side, I have built listeners- both readers and authors- around the globe who tune in no matter if it's an author interview, book of the month, or our weekly industry tips. They simply support the effort because they enjoy it and understand its necessity. All in all, I take the bitter with the sweet.

Where can listeners stream Get Caught Up, and how does one become a guest?

To be a guest on the Get Caught Up podcast, inquiring authors or others in the literary industry can visit and fill out the Contact Us form. We will email the hopeful guest with information on how to connect to our social media pages and how/where to like/subscribe to our podcast and our available interview dates. To stream our podcast, listeners can visit or if they have other preferred listening platforms, we have our direct podcast links to Spotify, Google, Apple Podcasts, and more available at

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