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Diamond's World Podcast with Diane P. Rembert

Podcasts hosts are in the spotlight all month long on Intellectual Ink, and today we're exploring Diamond's Literary World


Diane Rembert is a literary influencer and founder of Diamond’s Literary World, an award-winning literary blog. This Leo Lady, who resides in New Jersey, is driven by success, passionate about the literary industry, and determined to see authors fulfill their dream of mainstream publication. She is also a contributor to Intellectual Ink Magazine. One of her greatest joys is assisting authors with making their literary dreams a reality.

INK MAG: Please tell our readers about Diamond's Literary World, and all that you do.

DIANE: Diamond's Literary World is a literary blog created early one Thanksgiving morning. It was designed to bridge the gap between authors and readers. It began with book reviews that can be found on Instagram, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Since then, author interviews and book discussions were added using Clubhouse. The motto is "Conquering Life One Book at a Time."

INK MAG: How many books do you read a month for your various reviews, breakdowns, and interviews?

DIANE: The number of books that I read per month is hard to determine. If I'm in a reading zone, it can be as many as 20 books. Other months, I barely make 8.

INK MAG: Do you prefer one genre over another?

DIANE: I do not prefer one genre over another because I consider myself an eclectic reader.

INK MAG: Tell us about your podcast. When did you launch it, and how has it changed/grown?

DIANE: My podcast, Diamond's World, was launched on April 20, 2015, on blog talk radio. In 2021, I moved it over to Clubhouse.

INK MAG: What do you find challenging about being in this space, and what brings you joy?

DIANE: The most challenging aspect of being in this space is getting some people to expand their literary palette. The feedback that I receive from fellow book lovers, in reference to a book that I've recommended, is also my greatest joy.


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