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Debut Author Shonda Mayes Got Next!

You can only run from your demons for so long before you’ll be forced to face them. After growing up with a drug-addicted, mentally ill mother and an incarcerated father, all Autumn Carrington dreams of is having the perfect life and the family to match. She’s finally ready to pursue the career and lifestyle she knows is meant for her, so she sets herself on becoming a Registered Nurse. With her boyfriend, Lucky Santiago, by her side, she’s one step closer to having it all. That is until her life starts unraveling at the seams. A series of unfortunate events push Autumn into a downward spiral and forces her to take a long, hard look at who she really is. There’s no way she would ever want to end up like her mother or father. The last thing she wants is to continue her family’s dishonorable legacy and let down the only person who ever had her back, her grandmother, Roberta Carrington. Autumn is fiercely determined to get her life back on track when she meets the mysterious Ezrail and Alya. They both present Autumn with two different opportunities that will allow her to put the plans for her perfect life back in motion. However, she must choose wisely. The wrong decision could not only cost her the life of her dreams but her soul.

Writing this book took me on a journey and caused me to really think about the decisions a person will make when they are desperate for something. Most times, desperation will cause us to make poor decisions. Some we can recover from quickly, while at other times, it's not at easy.

I've enjoyed writing this book. I'm learning to write fast. Thankfully, I have been equipped with a lot of skills and tools to help me make my writing process easier by being a member of T. Styles Elite Writer's Academy. When I've properly prepared with my outlines and character development, it makes the execution so much easier. Completing this first draft took me about three weeks. I don't think that's too bad, considering I'm still a newbie in the industry and still finding my flow. In the future, I'd like to be even faster, though. My goal is to write quality stories that my readers will love and be prolific.

Shonda Mayes is an award winning columnist for Intellectual Ink Magazine. You can find out more about her here and follow her on facebook here



Thanksgiving will be a bit different this year, when OG, the family's matriarch, demands the family come together for the first time in years.

Family skeletons begin to crawl from their dark corners as the past comes for revenge. Generations of secrets threaten to be exposed once and for all.

With tensions at an all time high, food may be the last thing being served under this roof.

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