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Cool Conversations With La Sheera Lee

Podcasts hosts are in the spotlight all month long on Intellectual Ink, and LaSheera Lee is first up to shine!


INK MAG: You have a dynamic role within the literary industry, can you tell us about your many hats, how did they come to be, and which one is the closest to your heart?

LASHEERA: First, thank you for this honor. Yes, I do wear many hats in the literary industry. I am a podcaster, magazine contributor, event planner, author, book coach, and literary agent. Initially, I got my toes wet in the industry, as a book club president. I am the Founder and President of the Round Table Readers Literary Book Club. As an avid reader, I want to share my love of books with others. Therefore, I organized a book with some dynamic women. We laugh, cry, and debate about our favorite books. Simply put, we cut up. We have been blessed to host some dynamic authors. Many of the authors have become the home base for my club. They invite themselves as a guest to our meetings.

It is always my goal to make everyone feel at home. Fellowshiping over a good book can bring people together. It is a time when you can forget about your woes and breathe. I enjoy all aspects of what I do. Helping people to connect the dots or making people feel better is my purpose.

INK MAG: Can you tell us about your writing process and how it's different for different mediums?

LASHEERA: As corny as it sounds, I listen to the voice of God in reference to my writing process. I love to encourage others. Writing positive planners and devotionals are just an extension of my personality. I also love to shed light on the contributions of people I know. Therefore, my role as a magazine contributor, allows me to showcase the positive works in our community.

INK MAG: What prompted you to write a motivational book?

LASHEERA: Honey, life promoted me to write a motivational book. There was a lot going on in my world. Many of the words and lessons I wrote about in the book, were words I spoke over myself. Sometimes, you have to have those women in the mirror moment and let it go.

INK MAG: How did Cool Conversations with La Sheera Lee come to be?

LASHEERA: As I stated earlier, I love to introduce people to books and the positive contributions that are being made in our communities. Cool Conversations with La Sheera Lee is a place where your voice is heard. The conversations range from funny, insightful, informative, to hot to touch. However, my guest and I spend our time conversing, you best believe the conversation will be cool.

INK MAG: Walk us through an interactive weekend of Lights! Camera! Action! #LCA

LASHEERA: LCA is the family reunion, with the family you actually like. Friday night is Girls Night In. We have music, food, games, painting, spoken word, etc. I also give awards to readers that night. My awards are not just based on books. I based them on the light you shine or the obstacles you have overcome. Girl, sometimes we all shed a few tears that night. Whew!

Saturday is mainly about the books. I organize workshops and panels about publishing, characters, marketing, book clubs, books to film, blogging, health, etc. I have also been blessed to have various industry professionals to share insight and wisdom.

We have also had day parties, hat contests, PJ parties, mystery theater, etc. I am a theme girl. Therefore, I have various events happening during LCA. What happens at LCA, stays at LCA.

I want people to have fun and leave less burden. I have been blessed to have the best participants and guests. They have blessed us with knowledge, laughter, and words of encouragement. They have assisted me when I did not have enough sense to ask for it. They give me hugs and words of encouragement. I truly love my LCA family.

INK MAG: What's next for you?

LASHEERA: I just want to be in a position to go and do what God leads me.

Award winning blogger, La Sheera Lee, M.Ed., is a wife, mother, educator, podcaster, literary agent, moderator, literary event planner, magazine contributor, and author. She is on a mission to help others to see the beauty of their own voices. A native of a small city in Virginia, this Teacher of The Year, realizes that success is leading the next person forward.

In her very limited spare time, she has written a motivational book called. Don’t Forget To Shine-For Women Who Forget To Put Themselves First. The book highlights steps to get you to the next level.

You can hear her,, or, where your voice is heard. She interviews guests who have something to say about life, culture, and business. You can also catch her Vlog, Cool Conversations on FB Live on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM. EST.

As women, we wear numerous hats. Everyone and everything pulls us in different directions. Jobs, family, relationships, social and civic obligations. All vie for our time. We are often left in scattered pieces, It is time we reclaim our rightful time and place in the sun. Join me in this insightful journey of self-discovery and self-love. Keep shining.

You can contact her at or @readyoulater on Twitter and Instagram.