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Charlotte's Closet: In My Bag

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Hey Closet Crew, April is really here, and baby Muva is grateful. There is something magical about those extra hours of daylight that puts me in my bag. In my bag both literally and figuratively.

According to the Urban Dictionary in my bag

The act of becoming one with whatever task you are trying to achieve. One dimensional. Tunnel vision. Grindin'. One who is "in my bag" has forgotten about all else except for the current moment. When you are in your bag you are unstoppable, you will shred anything and everything.

That’s how I'm coming into these April Showers, but I'm not waiting on the May flowers. No sir. I need my flowers right damn now! The last two years have taught me to live and love in the now, and what I love outside of God, myself, and my family is fashion.

Fashion is Art!

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Roman Harris aka Hollywood is young, fit and full of curiosity and Renée Lacey has just what he needs. She's not like the little girls that he's been toying with. She's a full grown woman, a certified cougar that wants all that Roman has to offer. Every drip drop of it. Renée is willing to give Roman the world...For a price... She requires total loyalty. Roman might soon find that, all that glitters is not gold.

Chantyl Lusane is both beautiful and brilliant and the world is hers for the taking. She's climbing the corporate ladder with the help of her boss, London, but what does she want in return? Maybe she wants more of Chantyl's brilliance to bring in more million dollar accounts. Maybe she wants her new boyfriend Greg. Or maybe she wants it all, whatever the case, Chantyl is in for one hell of a ride...Literally..

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