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Celebrating Black Bookstores: Pt Two

Black bookstores are a vital part of the African American community. They provide a space for black authors and readers to come together and celebrate their culture. Black bookstores also promote literacy and education within the African American community.

Black bookstores first began to appear in the early 20th century, in cities like New York and Washington D.C. In recent years, there has been a resurgence of black bookstores, as more and more people seek out spaces that reflect their cultures and experiences.

For the next six weeks, Intellectual Ink Magazine will feature black bookstores across the country and abroad. Today we honor The Black Reserve Bookstore.

Located at 319 W. Main Street Suite #8, Lansdale, PA, United States, Pennsylvania

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About The Black Reserve Bookstore

Since opening in the summer of 2017, The Black Reserve Bookstore has cut a niche for itself in the Lansdale community for adults, teens, tweens and children. The wide scope of books offered by us incorporates fantasies, moral stories, reference books, general learning books, Black culture, Black History, action books, sticker books and much more.

Our mission is to give significant access to culture and also history that goes way beyond what we’ve typically learned. With this point in mind, we treat each book as a work of adoration. Every one of our books are broadly examined, attentively composed and delightfully planned.

Our broad gathering of books– picture books, board books, story and sticker books, 3D Books, spring up books, innovative idea books, curiosity books, topic-based books, movement books, and so on – are a declaration to this methodology. This encourages us in making our book store an experience.

We earnestly trust that books can be an extraordinary experience and motivation with the ability to impact and shape youthful personalities and futures.

Please support the bookstore for our people: The Black Reserve Book Store

Located at 319 W. Main Street Suite #8, Lansdale, PA, United States, Pennsylvania

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