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Celebrating Black Bookstores: Pt Six

Black bookstores are a vital part of the African American community. They provide a space for black authors and readers to come together and celebrate their culture. Black bookstores also promote literacy and education within the African American community.

Black bookstores first began to appear in the early 20th century, in cities like New York and Washington D.C. In recent years, there has been a resurgence of black bookstores, as more and more people seek out spaces that reflect their cultures and experiences.

For the past six weeks, Intellectual Ink Magazine will feature black bookstores across the country and abroad. Today we honor Rofhiwa Book Café.

Rofhiwa Book Café (

Rofhiwa is a black-owned independent Book café. Rofhiwa strives to reflect the expansiveness of the black imagination. We value books as repositories for collective knowledge.

We endeavor to foster a spirit of heightened engagement by curating a living, active, and effective collection of books that capture the dexterity of black writers across classic and contemporary works.

Rofhiwa values accessibility, we invite readers young and old to satisfy their curiosity, to wander and meet new titles or return to old favorites.

Please support the bookstore for our people: Rofhiwa Book Café Located at

406 S. Driver Street, Durham, NC, United States, 27703, United States

Rofhiwa Book Café | Facebook

Rofhiwa Book Café (@rofhiwabooks) • Instagram photos and videos