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Boss up with Catitude


INK MAG: Tell us how you came to be a photographer.

CATITUDE: Photography saved my life. At 11 someone tried to throw me off a roof but I fought for my life and I got away. I would not go outside afterward. My godfather came over one day and handed me a camera and said “you can’t become a female Gordon Parks hiding in your room. No one will ever touch you again I got your six.

We went out a few days later and you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t clicking like Mr. Parks. Got back to my godfather’s place and he had a dark room. He developed my negatives looked at them and threw them in the garbage. I was crushed. He handed me another roll of film which was only 12 exposures and he said, “now, let’s go out again this time capture what you see.”

INK MAG: What new skills did you have to acquire for your business?

CATITUDE: Photography has changed since 1971 when I used film, a darkroom, and chemicals to develop my images. Now everything is digital, so I enrolled in a class because I was lost with all this new terminology. Snapping the button or composing the pictures was the least of my problem. The confusion began when I sent a photo to a magazine and was told the resolution was too low for the picture to be used and they needed it for the cover.

Read the full article in this month's issue of Intellectual Ink Magazine: May 2022: Young-Foye, Charlotte, Press Simmons, Julia, Grace, Allison: 9798820170089: Books Follow Cynthia A. Taylor (@catitudephotos) • Instagram photos and videos


Spring has sprung, and with it comes Mother's Day. This is a time to celebrate all mothers, both living and deceased. It is also a time for reading. Reading helps us connect with our innermost thoughts and feelings. It can also show us new ways of looking at the world. Reading can be a form of self-care, a way to relax and unwind after a long day. It can also be a way to learn new things and expand our horizons. So, this spring, Intellectual Ink Magazine is bringing a mix of seasoned and newbie writers to entertain, educate and uplift.

Our Feature this month is Coach Coco aka MackMama, and she tells of her extraordinary journey from incarceration to inspiration. In #writenews we have conversations with Pat G'orge-walker, Niyya Moore, and Elizabeth Johnson. In business we #bossup with Catitude. In #healthandwellness we explore Meditation Madness with Kiva Vera. Erick S. Gray discusses the slap heard around the world, and Haikeem Stokes discusses "Creating Pyramids out of Ant Hills" with Nigel Carrington. We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed producing it. In these turbulent times, we implore you to celebrate and honor your mother (or the mother figures in your life) on Mother's Day.