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Boss Up with Broadway of Live on Broadway Podcast


INK MAG: What products and services do you offer?

BROADWAY: Live on Broadway Podcast is a relationship-based podcast based out of New York in which we aim to change the narrative of issues dealt with by men and women. We gather perfect strangers which I call "Giants" and give them the opportunity to voice their opinion on a variety of topics whether we agree with them or not.

INK MAG: How many hats do you wear?

BROADWAY: I wear as many hats as I could possibly wear to get the work done. I have an amazing team as well that assists me with everything I have to get done.

INK MAG: What inspired you to seek out this particular business venture?

BROADWAY: I have always had a background in music and media and merging the two, has given me the opportunity to tap into various insights from others and also feed the passion that I have for the entertainment industry. As a speaker, I've always been able to mediate and get into the minds of others effortlessly. By doing this podcast I am able to connect to many and serve the community in a way that they can voice their thoughts and opinions respectfully.

INK MAG: Tell us about some of the challenges you face as an entrepreneur.

BROADWAY: They are typical. Promotion, money and just getting the word out is always a challenge.

INK MAG: How can you be contacted via social media, etc?

BROADWAY: Aside from Live on Broadway Podcast being on all streaming platforms, I am available on Instagram at @liveonbroadwaypodcast and iam_broadway as well as on Clubhouse and Twitter



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