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Boss up with Adrienne of Adrienne Burke Eyewear LLC


Hi, I’m Adrienne, and I’m obsessed with understanding. I champion uniqueness. Much like my personality, I seek bold and imaginative aesthetics. So, when I realized I’d be joining the nearly 75% of adults who don corrective frames regularly, I rolled my eyes. First, because my eyes had suddenly turned on me, and second because, have you seen what readers look like nowadays? Bored with the easily accessible choices at the drugstore, I sought variations of readers that would complement my wardrobe. Of the nearly 200 million lens wearers, 32 million of them wear over-the-counter readers. For those of us who err on the side of flair with a side of necessity, eyeglasses can be quite the accessory. Enter Adrienne Burke Eyewear. What started as a quest for various accompaniments to my clothing has culminated in my foray into entrepreneurship, and to be your frames dealer. From my signature cat-eye frames to the ombre or the floral print – even sunglasses and blue light protective lenses, I hope you’ll find a pair to provide fantastic vision, so you’ll be visually fantastic.

INKMAG: Tell us about Adrienne Burke Eyewear; what inspired you to seek out this particular business venture?

ADRIENNE: I woke up one day with blurred vision. Unable to read the captions on my television and panicked, I called my mother, who calmed me by saying I'm of the age where readers are probably required, then directed me to the nearest dollar store. When I saw the selection, the wheels started spinning. I had to do better. This began my research into the industry. I needed stylish statement pieces, and they had to be colorful, premium, frames. I was able to find a few but needed and wanted to be a "go-to" for others sharing my penchant for bold statement pieces. Kevin Powell (writer and civil and human rights activist) was a huge motivator (the push I needed) and encouraged me to take the steps to become my own brand after receiving a few pairs of my frames. Kevin put me in touch with his tax attorney and the next day I started the process of becoming Adrienne Burke Eyewear LLC.

INK MAG: Being an entrepreneur requires you to be a "Jack of All Trades!" How many hats do you wear?

ADRIENNE: I wear all the frames(hats) at the moment. Different days call for different frames (hats). It has been my experience to wear many hats, starting with being a single mother. So, when I began my journey in this industry, I knew I'd be wearing even more hats and taking on more roles. I wasn't discouraged. But my current hat collection looks a little like this:


Technology Specialist (30yrs) Montclair Public Library







Web Designer

INK MAG: Tell us about some of the challenges you face as an entrepreneur.

ADRIENNE: As a startup business, I have a lot of competition. My challenge is, and has been, to focus on what I'm bringing to the table that isn't being offered elsewhere but is very much desired. Patience is needed. It's demanding to wear all the hats previously mentioned, but I am currently bringing awareness to my brand and making a name for myself. The challenge of keeping my line of eyewear fresh and new is what makes it worthwhile!!!


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