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Boss Up: JB Favour of Faves_Pen

Faves_ Pen is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary, and we sat down with them to get a snapshot of how things are, and where they are headed.

About JB Favour

I am the Founder & Creative Director of FAVES_PEN, a digital content creation, branding & marketing agency. I am also a ghostwriter, a poet with a published anthology titled ‘’Once Upon A Virus’’ and the Founder/Host of a book show – BOOKTERVIEWS.

On the 10 of July 2022, FAVES_PEN celebrated her annual second anniversary, and I am honored to be featured in the #BossUp edition of the Intellectual Ink Magazine.

What products and services do you offer?

I am a writer first above all things. I write creative web copies, email copies, blogs, and general content writing.

As a ghostwriter, I am specifically into ghostwriting with my specialties being memoirs, autobiographies, self-help & inspirational books. I have also offered voiceover services for book trailers, ads, and more.

Right now, I am building global and sustainable brands with FAVES_PEN, an agency where I offer branding, effective marketing strategies, and content creation services to entrepreneurs, brands, and businesses.

FAVES_PEN creates bulk content like articles, blog posts, social media captions, scripts, and copies for brands & entrepreneurs with the goal of the agency to organically focus on content and marketing.

Tell us about some of the challenges you face as an entrepreneur?

The process of bringing an idea to life involves serious work. It’s easy to dream about it, but working to turn it into a reality, that’s where you work hard.

Half of the time, it’s a challenge to get people to believe in your dream way before it becomes profitable. Building a network of clients and marketing properly are a few challenges I have faced as an entrepreneur. Moving forward with FAVES_PEN, I have learned to fail forward. It’s my first time scaling an agency and bootstrapping as a sole founder, there certainly is a lot to do with capital. Oftentimes, I have had to become several things at once and in addition to working in other industries to source capital. The disappointments come in batches, and it is overwhelming to get a steady influx of No’s. I’ve been stereotyped more often than not as a black creative and a female founder without any VCs.

At what point would you say your agency is at now?

As I mentioned earlier, we just celebrated our 2nd anniversary. This, of course, makes us a baby in the industry, but we’ve sure made a few giant strides. So, I’d say we are finding ways to deal with the challenges of running a digital agency. To rebrand FAVES_PEN into the agency that it has now become was a lot of hard work. But, my time as a freelancer had been much worse. Thankfully, I had made lots of useful networks along the way. I relied heavily on them, asking questions, learning how things had to be done, and finally effecting change. This chapter is probably the most important because it encapsulates everything from our rusty days to growth and progress.

In this chapter of the journey towards our 2nd-anniversary celebration, we went from being a pen name to becoming an agency. We went from having no website to having one, getting an official logo done, and even working for a few brands. Earlier this year, we received a Global Impact Award from IP Resilience Magazine, Minnesota for sharing a positive message of growth with our story. That’s a serious win. Right now, you’re sharing my story too! I’m on Intellectual Ink, the USA for the second time! How awesome can this get? I am grateful.

What are you currently working on, and what’s next?

Right now, I’m working on securing media and press coverage for our clients. From August next month, all those who work with FAVES_PEN who want to get on Magazine features, interviews, podcast features, blog interviews, and even radio shows will be able to do so. So, I’m looking to partner with media and press organizations to make this happen. We’ve already begun a few deals, and we hope to close them soon.

The purpose of this is to offer advertising & marketing services to our customers. We know how important press authority is and we are hoping to use it to support our clients and their businesses.

As for what’s next – honestly a lot. I like surprises so I’ll just say watch this space. I’m a dreamer, so who knows what I’ll dream up next. Probably, sometime in the future, we’d be able to take up advertisement production. It’s an area I am very passionate about. We’d like to be able to scout talent, recruit them and shoot ads for brands along with writing & directing such scripts. This is going to be huge for us and only possible when we’ve expanded the team and gotten much more leverage. But, our dreams are valid! That’s on period.

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