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Boss Up: Dawnyale Peeks


My love for reading inspired me to develop my brand Black People Do Read. The idea came to me one day as I was scrolling through Instagram, and my news feed was filled with black people reading books. I had a lightbulb moment, and my brand was born. I wanted to show people that the stigma of black people not reading is simply not true.

My brand is a unique approach to getting people to enjoy something they should be doing on the regular, and that’s reading. If you know me personally or follow me on social media, you will soon learn about my passion for books. My t-shirt brand breaks the ice and does all of the heavy liftings. The shirts grab people's attention. People become intrigued enough to ask me what it means, and that opens the door to talk about books and introduce them to my book club.

What new skills did you have to acquire for your business?

I didn’t have to acquire any other skills because the love of books has always been a part of me, and that love lead me to start my business The Literary Butterfly which is a promotional and marketing business geared towards helping black Indie authors promote their books.

How do you manage feelings of doubt?

I manage by knowing that fear is a natural feeling in life, especially when you’re approaching something that you are passionate about. I know that faith without works is dead. I have faith, and I know that will work to make my dreams come true.

Black Girls Do Read (@black_people_do_read) • Instagram photos and videos


Purchase Issue 19 HERE Intellectual Ink Magazine: Issue 19: 9798849827261: Ink, Intellectual, Stokes, Haikeem, Young-Foye, Charlotte: Books


EDITOR'S PICK ~ Undeniable by Raymond Francis ~ Currently Free

Undeniable focuses on the story of Amara, a young real estate agent residing in Charlotte, North Carolina. Amara is afro-centric, socially woke, and in touch with the issues that face our country today. Unconcerned with the material trappings of the world, Amara is more focused on her deep spiritual quest to find peace, happiness, and true love. That love is right beneath Amara’s nose, in the form of her best friend of the past 10 years, Driq.

Driq is a complex man with a complicated life, but he has always had a soft spot reserved in his heart for Amara. He is wise beyond his years, due to the fact that he was forced to grow up quickly and become the man of the house at a very young age.

When Amara sells a house under suspicious circumstances, Driq informs her that it may be connected to some illegal activity. As Amara investigates the residents of the house, she concludes that something isn’t right. From there, Amara stumbles into a world that she has no idea even existed.

Undeniable use modern day issues such as police brutality, activism, and drug use to weave together an epic love story. As the events play out, Amara and Driq are forced to make decisions that they never thought they would have to, but these decisions will ultimately shape their pride, purpose, and destiny!



New York Public Librar

Cullman Center Fellowships

Cash Prize: $75,000

Entry Fee: $0

Application Deadline: 9/30/22

Genre: Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction

Fifteen fellowships are given annually to artists, academics, and creative writers, including poets, fiction writers, creative nonfiction writers, and translators, whose work... read more

University of Mississippi

Willie Morris Award for Southern Poetry

Cash Prize: $3,000

Entry Fee: $0

Application Deadline: 9/30/22

Genre: Poetry

A prize of $3,000 is given annually for a single poem that evokes the American South. The winner will also receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Oxford, Mississippi, for the... read more

Georgia Writers

John Lewis Writing Grants

Cash Prize: $500

Entry Fee: $0

Application Deadline: 10/1/22

Genre: Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction

Three grants of $500 each will be given annually in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction to “elevate, encourage, and inspire the voices of Black writers in Georgia.” Grantees will... read more


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