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BOOK CLUB: Seasons of Fidelity (3 book series)

By Takerra Allen

No one belongs to anyone.

We claim rights second, belonging to God first.

We are born and die as individuals, and we live as such, while keeping the feelings of those we love in mind.

Often, we keep them in mind…even more than our own.

Old love. New lust. Treasured friendships. Temptation. Escapes from dulled reality. Inevitable destruction.

An anticipated reunion brings six preoccupied souls together and stirs the pot brewing with it all.

Ray, Dice, and Justice have come to age, forming an impermeable bond that has stood the storms of time and hardship.

When the trio unites after substantial time has passed, they find all rough waters aren’t left behind for the brotherhood.

Regina’s life turned out better than what was foreseen for a teenaged, single-mother.

Yet when her past is forced into her present, so are the steamy and sentimental memories.

Aleeya’s chasing dreams and thrills, and there isn’t much that can seize the free-spirit;

besides an older, already-claimed man who invites her into his dark, enchanting world.

And there’s Yael - the broken masterpiece - held together by the glue of financial stability, family structure and the American dream.

But when she meets someone who sees her well enough to spot the cracks, will she allow herself to be marveled at his mercy?

Fall into a world of tests on the morals of love and commitment.

What makes a person dishonest? Who governs the limits of loyalty?

Are we faithful or unfaithful people or do we have faithful and unfaithful moments?

Are there exceptions to the rules; cycles in a relationship that allow for forgivable circumstances?

Are there Seasons of Fidelity?

Disclaimer: This is Season One of a series. Part one ends with suspense and anticipation.

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