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Author's Corner with H.D. Campbell

Podcasts hosts are in the spotlight all month long on Intellectual Ink, and today we're visiting the Author's Corner


H.D. Campbell has over thirty years of writing experience with credits in freelance newspaper reporting, personal fiction, and poetry. The H.D. Campbell's website ( markets his books, services, and provides the latest in writing news and interviews with people in and around the industry. In addition, H.D. Campbell also produces an Internet show on YouTube (username: H.D. Television) called The Author’s Corner. The show is filled with news, interviews, and inspiration for authors and aspiring writers. The show debuted August 4, 2009, and has expanded from a once-a-month series into a weekly series.

“I believe life is too short for competition. I do the show and the business not only to help benefit me but also do it to introduce other authors. There’s enough room at the top of the Best Seller list for everyone.”

INK MAG: Tell us about Hard Drive Publishing and your literary journey.

HD: One of my poems was published in Ebony Jr. Magazine when I was ten, and my writing career started from there. Since then, I have filled notebooks with stories of many genres. I always wanted to write the books I’ve read. I was inspired by authors like Stephen King and Agatha Christie, as well as Octavia Butler and Alice Walker. My biggest influence at the time was Langston Hughes. I wanted to be a part of my own Harlem Renaissance. I would be well into my college years when the Eric Jerome Dickeys, and the Nikki Turners came onto the scene. They gave me a lot of hope and encouragement to write and publish my first book, How To Lose A Black Woman.

Ever since I published my first book, How To Lose A Black Woman in 1999, all I wanted to do was write more books, and help other writers & authors get to where they needed to go. With that, I started H.D. Campbell Productions, where I offer editing, proofreading, and other services. I feel we all can make it together if we help one another get to the top. Afterward, I published six more books and started the Author’s Corner. I gained some success despite losing my first wife in 2010, and my writing slowed for a while. However, it picked back up in 2015, and my pen has been flowing since.

INK MAG: What can readers expect next?

HD: Hard Drive has a brand-new awesome poet named Thunderheartlion with some powerful spoken word. We will announce the "Book Of Thunder" release date Monday, February 21st on The Author’s Corner. This year Hard Drive Publishing will launch three additional authors' projects, my espionage thriller, and a Kindle Vella series. It's going to be a very busy 2022.

INK MAG: What inspired you to launch HDTV?

HD: I have a background in media, and I’ve always wanted to put together a show where I could spotlight other authors and help push their careers. So in 2009, I started, The Author’s Corner. I don’t do question and answer as much as I have conversations about the authors’ projects and their lives as authors. My hope is new writers and other authors can watch and be inspired. Like I keep saying, I want us all to make it, and I hope the show helps.

I’m hoping to have more original programming on HDTV soon, including documentaries and more original interviews.

INK MAG: How does one become a guest on your show, and where can we find it?

HD: You can always inbox me at H.D. Campbell, H.D. Campbell—Books, or my H.D. Television Page. You can also email me at My show is on my YouTube Channel at H.D. Television Main Website Hard Drive Publishing Site Media Page My YouTube Channel

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