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Arts & Entertainment: The Walters Art Museum

By Haikeem Stokes

This seasonably comfortable morning in early July finds me traveling to Charm City. Upon arrival, I have breakfast at Saturday Morning Café located at 236 High Street. This place is so deep in the cut, that if you weren’t looking for it, you’d completely miss it, but you most certainly shouldn’t. As soon as I begin to miss it, I’ll be sure to make a return.

After devouring a seafood omelet with potatoes, I travel a short distance to, The Walters Art Museum, located at 600 N. Charles Street, near the George Washington statue. It’s in a quaint pocket area that is a scenic walk from the beloved Baltimore Harbor. Once you step inside the vestibule, you feel as if you’re already inside the main hall of the museum due to its floor-to-ceiling glass doors and equally large marble columns. I proceed through and travel up the first flight of marble stairs, then enter the hall to my right which features weaponry and armored suits that I imagine are from the Middle Ages. The craftsmanship, intricate designs, and diversity in each piece leave one to wonder how physically fit the wearer was to be able to walk and maneuver in such heavy apparel. Sweeping throughout the room which wraps around like a horseshoe, I observe items from the 1500-1600s such as paintings, detailing depictions of that day and time that seem quite hectic, to say the least. There are also currency, insects, and animals on display that further draws you into the conditions of the atmosphere in that era.

The Walters Art Museum

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EDITOR'S PICK ~ Should Have Thought Twice by Tanisha Stewart ~ Currently Free

They say to always watch the quiet ones, because you never know when they might snap.

Shatina is a young woman with a troubled past and present. She lives in the shadows of her fraternal twin sister, who sucked up all the beauty genes, her best friend, whose seductive charm will sway any boy who listens, and her cousin, who is more than a knockout, but a force to be reckoned with.

Shatina feels like she has nothing going for her but her grades and her full scholarship to a four year institution of her choice… until someone comes along to threaten that.

Shatina has faced threats before, and little does anyone know, she has gained vindication over all of her enemies, one by one. Except this last one might be a bit more of a challenge than she bargained for.



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