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Arts & Entertainment: Buck Bandit Productions



We are experiencing inclement weather in the city, but I am obligated to fulfill my journalistic responsibilities, so I happily pressed toward my Southwest Philadelphia destination. In this section of “The Workshop of the World” stands a warehouse of wonder where the incredibly talented Buck Bandit duo perform their magic. Foregoing my usual routine, we opt to order take-out from, Little Delicious Caribbean & American Restaurant located at 4821 Woodland Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. Instead, these industrious young men offer me the opportunity to tour their massive creative space, while conducting this interview. After retrieving our island-inspired entrees, we begin our interview with a very pressing question.

What is the Buck Bandit movement?

B.B.R. (Buck Bandit Reno) - It’s us and everything that we represent: music production, videography, clothing, and media. We were doing this before we even knew it was going to be something. That’s how real this is. After high school, my grandfather, who was a strong believer in my abilities, suggested that I attend an audio/visual school in Florida. These courses allowed me to enhance my talent and cultivated my skills tremendously. After graduation, I came back to Philly, reconnected with Buck Bandit P and we hit the ground running. Although I love rhyming, my main wheelhouse is producing music. Through the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a diverse group of artists from R&B, soul, hip hop, and jazz. I don’t discriminate, I take on all comers. It’s cool working with those who are

How did Buck Bandit begin?

B.B.P. (Buck Bandit P) - Reno and I have been friends since way back in the sandbox days. We jumped off the porch together as children and have remained tight, maybe even tighter than biological brothers. During high school, we were a rap duo that sparked throughout the Tri-State. Reno decided to go to Florida with plans on fortifying our brand. I applauded his decision and honed my skills as well by continuing to perform solo while also taking videography training. When he returned, we were much more confident and prepared to take our careers to the next level.

Read the full article in this month's issue of Intellectual Ink Magazine Intellectual Ink: March 2022 (Intellectual Ink Mag Book 15) eBook: Press Simmons, Julia, Grace, Allison, Young-Foye, Charlotte: Books. Follow @BuckBanditReno & @BuckBanditP on all social media platforms.


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