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April 2022 Issue: On Topp Of The World


April Showers bring May Flowers... Rain is one of the most cleansing elements known to man. This month we are all about cleansing our spaces, minds, bodies, and souls. Many times we pour into others, but yet are not able to pour back into ourselves. It’s vital to be intentional and aware of who is in our spaces so we can function with purpose and intent. It’s a new season, and we have entered the second quarter. We should already be settling into a positive pattern of good habits and things to do. Manifestation will always be key to establishing and keeping good vibes. Speaking of good vibes- Novelist Blacc Topp is featured on the cover this month. Charlotte's Closet is in her bag! Untamed gives us a birds-eye-view of The K Renee Experience Book Expo. Haikeem Stokes interviews DJ Tee Alford & Allison Grace talks about bossing up with Lindell Hunter. Our staples sprinkled throughout this month's issue include Minding Your Spirit with Shonda Mayes, WTF is Goin on with Erick Gray and so much more. Don’t forget to drink water, buy some cute ass rainboots, and manifest more blessings in your life. You deserve it!

Love and light Julia, Allison & Charlotte


Blacc Topp was born in Benton Harbor, MI, and raised in South Dallas, Texas, to a father who was a preacher and a mother who was a singer/artist/scholar. His dad raised him to be humble and to never see a stranger when he was meeting you for the first time. His father instilled that hard work would always yield the highest payoffs and the most promising results while his mother instilled that a solid education was the key to unlocking the doors to success and this was the creed he lived by. At the tender age of 13, Blacc Topp lost his beloved father and it took a heavy emotional toll on him causing him to lash out from heartbreak and anger. The only way he felt that he could fill the void of losing his father was by joining his classmates and friends in one of the neighborhood gangs. Through the hiccups, trials, and tribulations he experienced in his life, he never lost sight of the lessons his father taught him which are responsible for molding him into the man he has become today.

Read the full article in this month's issue of Intellectual Ink Magazine: April 2022 - Kindle edition by Grace, Allison, Young Foye, Charlotte, Stokes, Haikeem. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Follow Blacc Topp on insta Dean Swift (@novelistblacctopp) • Instagram photos and videos


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