MARCH 2021

As we enter a new month, we must remember that we have been dealing with a national pandemic for approximately 365 days. We give our love to those lost and our appreciation to those that have battled through this interesting time. On a good note, things for many of us have progressed tremendously. We have had the ability to sit still and work on dormant things. We have also been able to work harder than we have ever done before to make things as normal as possible. That resonates with me because Intellectual Ink Magazine has done just that. 

In the six months that we have debuted, we have continuously and diligently kept you informed and left you with lessons that have touched each of you in many ways. We hope that we have given you something to help you through the days and nights. We hope that this coming season provides you good wealth, prosperity, and happiness. 
March is usually the beginning of a new season: Spring. 

It comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb. We will come in the same way, except we will consistently be like lions and hunt for the next best thing. Like a lion, we will see it and attack it with venomous fervor conquering our prey. That prey is success. You all can do the same thing. We see greatness in you. As authors, we should connect with our readers now because when the seasons change, so will they. Not that it’s a bad thing, but by maintaining a constant readership, you guarantee your core base, so there will never be a lack of people wanting to read your work. That is what building and maintaining a legacy means. March Madness is upon us but let it be your motivation all year long. 

Love and light

AG- Managing Editor



Welcome to month two of 2021. There have been several highs and several lows, but we keep pressing on. That is the purpose of this magazine. Pressing on shows us all that it is possible. We work behind the scenes day in and day out to ensure everything is up to date and informative. Authors and writers, do not stop. It is important to hone your craft and work to be the best you can be. Leave a legacy and make it memorable. We lost one of our greats recently. Eric Jerome Dickey passed, and the literary world stopped as we know it. That day was one of the darkest days we have had in the literary world in a long time. His legacy has been left with dozens of memories and books to remind us of his greatness. 
Here at Intellectual Ink Magazine, we pride ourselves in giving flowers to those that paved the way to us while they can still smell them. We were not able to with Eric, but this stands for what our magazine is about. Urban romance, fantasy, street, and erotic fiction are the threads of our industry. We weave stories together to leave behind something for everyone to enjoy. To tell the stories of tears and laughter, or joy and pain, of love and hate, of success and failures. 

      Authors write to your heart is content and know that there is a market out there for you. Someone out there will love what you are writing. It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow, but it will happen eventually. The moment you might want to give up is when you will find your breakthrough. KEEP WRITING!  Readers, thank you for giving us a reason. Every page read, every review, every referral is appreciated. We strive to give you something to help you get through your day. That’s what creating a legacy is all about. 


We love you all,

Allison Grace ~ Managing Editor

Julia Press Simmons ~ Editor In Chief




Authors Welcome to the dark side. No seriously. Once you become an author, random ideas come to you out of thin air. You start to think about how to kill your ex-husband without getting caught or how many different ways you can have sex in an extramarital affair. Did you know there are several different ways to name the male genitalia? I digress. "The Dark Side" is a place where we ALL reside, and there's honestly nothing wrong with it once you use your talent for good. Story-telling is a lost art, and not many know how to do it anymore. This magazine spotlights the writers who have paved the way, the writers who are new on the trail, and the readers who love them. We aim to make space for all creatives, so continue to shine and strive. Please don't dog-ear the pages and remember that just because you don't see it for yourself; don't mean it can't happen.

Allison Grace ~ Managing Editor

Intellectual Ink is a passion project. I, and a few like-minded individuals, poured our whole heart into creating a medium that would highlight the author and reader communities that we adore. Inside our mag, you will find flash fiction, in-depth interviews, writer resources, book reviews, relationship advice, quick recipes, short stories, and engaging discussions. I believe representation matters, so we aimed to highlight the beauty and artistry in the day to day lives of creatives who are often overlooked by mainstream media.


On November 1st, Intellectual Ink’s website and the quarterly magazine go live. We are excited to share our passion with you.