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May's sky brings us the pragmatic influences of Taurus, the subtlety and fluidity of Mars' actions in Cancer, and the explosion of ideas and curiosity of Gemini. In the first part of the month, we are mainly concerned with materialism and productivity. We turn our attention to the tangible aspects of life and formulate practical goals. We want security, continuity, and a sense that we have enough for a comfortable living. As the fast planets begin their transits through the sign of Gemini, our priority becomes the development of intellect and the skillful handling of language. Like every active student, we will seek to grasp as much and as varied knowledge as possible with our minds. So, let's follow the May horoscope provided by Intellectual Ink Magazine for each zodiac sign!


The love life of Aquarius looks very promising in May 2021. The astral transits of this period encourage you to come out of your shell, open your soul, get closer to others or allow others to get closer to you.

The 5th house of Aquarius (love, romance, flirtations, romantic adventures) gets active during May 2021.

So love and romantic relationships are the focus of your concerns during this period. The cosmic conjuncture of May 2021 mainly stimulates your creativity, which mobilizes you professionally and encourages you to stand out at work or even start something on your own to get an additional source of income. After May 23, you may experience minor health problems or weakness or fatigue, as Saturn, the planet of chronic Aquarius disease begins to retrograde.


In May 2021, Mars continues to amplify your sensuality and seductive power and stimulate your desire to flirt. On May 14, Jupiter begins to transit the sign of Pisces, which induces extra energy and charm, so you can hardly go unnoticed. May is excellent for fruitful negotiations and discussions, adapting to the work environment, and having harmonious relationships with co-workers. The Sun, the ruler of the Pisces house of work, transits the house of communication, learning, exchange, and trade until May 20. Suppose you are finding it difficult to find a job. In that case, you could try to retrain, learn something new professionally, acquire new skills and practical abilities. The energy of the lunar eclipse on May 26 could stir up an old health problem, perhaps because you need to pay more attention to it. You may begin to rethink an older intention to change your lifestyle or diet.


May makes it easier for you to express your feelings and relationship desires. Still, Intellectual Ink Magazine advises you to be careful to leave room for your loved ones to express themselves and not become too pushy or possessive. Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, transits the sign of Cancer. There is a risk that you may become more insecure and feel the need to insist on getting confirmation from the person you care about. The situation isn't as bad as it seems, so there's no need to worry so much. From May 14, it is beneficial to slow down a little and reserve more time for your soul, your spirit, your energetic and spiritual recovery. On May 26, an eclipse of the Moon activating the 9th house of Aries is noticeable. It can trigger turmoil, doubts, or events that challenge your beliefs. Intellectual Ink Magazine suggests introspection and a reframing of your truths regain your balance, bringing you closer to the higher meanings of existence.


The Sun shines in the sign of Taurus until May 20, and Venus accompanies it until May 9. Considering the presence of Uranus in Taurus, it's safe to say that you have no shortage of sensuality and attractiveness in May either. You're more spontaneous than usual and, if you're single, you make yourself easily noticed by potential partners. Mercury also helps you to put yourself in the spotlight, starting May 4. You can be said to show ingenuity when you want to win someone back or express your feelings. If you're looking for love, Intellectual Ink Magazine advises you to beware of those who seek material advantages, lest you end up with damage. As much as you want to make a generous gesture to the person you're attracted to, think carefully before making a decision and consider what you can afford! A sensitive period maybe around the Moon eclipse on May 26, which will activates your 8th house (deep transformations, and fears). Emotions may be stronger during this period and spur you to make some necessary changes to enjoy life. It's not out of the question that certain events taking place around you will remind you how short life is and encourage you to do what you feel, not what others expect of you.


As the sign of Gemini is activated by the planets, you begin to get out into the world again. The first planet to make an appearance in Gemini is Mercury, the sign's ruler himself, on May 4; Venus follows it on May 9 and the Sun on May 20. Considering that Venus rules the Gemini house of love, it's to be expected that your emotional life will take center stage. Therefore, if you are in a serious relationship, you may be concerned about the thought of getting married. If you are already married, the transits of this period favor communication and communion with your life partner. Intellectual Ink Magazine appreciates that now is the time to make new, long-term plans for the future. This month you have the opportunity to make great strides forward professionally, and your career can take a big boost. Unforeseen opportunities are coming your way, and you have the chance to meet people willing to help or finance you. As Mercury, Venus, and the Sun enter the sign of Gemini, you become more energetic, alert, and feel stronger. You'd do well to allow yourself a little pampering, enjoy life, take care of yourself - both your image and your inner harmony.


In May, you tend to take love affairs a little too easily, look at things only from your point of view, complain or pamper yourself too much. You tend always to ask for something at the risk of tiring your life partner. Suppose you live with the belief that everything is yours. In that case, your life partner may suddenly wake you up to reality, reminding you that any relationship requires effort, commitment, and receptiveness to the other's emotional needs. Saturn, the planet that rules the house of relationships and marriage for Cancer, begins retrograding on May 23. As a result, you may find that the relationship starts to get bogged down in older intimate matters. Specific issues that you thought were forgotten return to the present and are not easy to solve. Suppose you want your relationship or marriage to survive. In that case, you need to change your strategy and make a serious effort to get it back on track. Considering the lunar eclipse, which occurs on May 26, in the health house of Cancer, Intellectual Ink Magazine appreciates that you are going through a period when you have the opportunity to adopt a healthier lifestyle. If you're having health problems, you will do well to consult a specialist. There's no point in putting it off, as you run the risk of these problems worsening and becoming more challenging to deal with.


This month, the relationship life of Leos benefits from a change of energy. May's cosmic energy portends an increase in libido, more concern for intimacy, and a desire to merge with your loved one and take your romantic relationship or marriage to a deeper level. It's not out of the question that some Leos may feel an irresistible temptation to step out of line, to find their concerns outside the couple's relationship. Still, Intellectual Ink Magazine warns them that the risks are high. Some single Leos may experience intense passions because their senses more easily sway them. Before long, however, they find they're longing for something else entirely.

If you feel like you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, give yourself a few moments of solitude and search your soul calmly and patiently. This period's astrological conjunction can help you understand what is weighing you down and thus find a solution to lighten your burden.


For Virgos, May 2021 opens a new relationship chapter, and some of the most promising opportunities and prospects are emerging. However, there's no need to expect miraculous overnight resolutions.

Intellectual Ink Magazine advises you to start thinking seriously about the important relationships in your life and, if you're in a solid romantic relationship, consider making it official. But, just as well, you could take stock emotionally and try to identify and abandon certain habits or attitudes inherited from the family of origin, which have harmed past relationships. Virgo's career house gets busy during May, which bodes very well for your professional development, affirmation, and strengthening your socio-professional reputation.

The lunar eclipse on May 26 could mark a time of emotional crisis, when an old ailment is reactivated, or a time when the family is asking too much of you. Intellectual Ink Magazine advises you to take better care of yourself, your health, your inner balance.


After last month's turmoil and tensions, things are easing in May 2021, so you can regain your optimism and a more detached outlook on relationships. Professionally, May promises to be a busy month for most Libras. On May 14, Jupiter begins its transit through Libra's house of work. Therefore, opportunities for progress and growth are in store. Jupiter helps you increase your competence and assert yourself in your field of work. If you have your own business, Jupiter helps you get more clients and sign profitable contracts. If you've had health problems so far, you start to feel better after May 14. You may even get encouraging news from your doctor, which will lift your spirits a lot.


Scorpios continue to go through an effervescent phase in their relationships. In May 2021, the focus shifts to intimacy and mutual trust, loyalty, emotional and erotic fusion. May transits can accentuate your predisposition towards suspicion and the need to meddle too much in the affairs of your life partner. Out of a desire to contribute to a deeper relationship, you risk overdoing it and suffocating the other person. Scorpio's financial axis is very active in May, so you have a lot of work to do when reviewing your financial strategy. On the other hand, May 2021's astrological transits show that your career direction can change radically for the better, especially after May 20. Perhaps certain financial circumstances force you to change your specialization or start a business on your own, or conversely, after a period of entrepreneurship, to become employed. Around May 17, you could clear up an old health problem, so the situation suddenly changes for the better. You would do well to set aside more time for activities that relax you, possibly with your loved one or children (if you have any). Such moments are a salve for the soul.


Sagittarius May is all about love. In this cosmic context, you are prone to focus all your attention on your relationship life. On the one hand, this could be a good thing. Your life partner may finally feel that you are getting involved, you care, and make an effort to improve your relationship. On the other hand, there may be a tendency to push relationships a little to get what you want. If you've set out to win someone over, you may become very pushy. Around May 10, you may have the meeting of your life or make a vital relationship decision that changes your life. Some Sagittarians could decide to get married, others to get divorced. In the case of a break-up, the celestial conjunction of the period could make things go more smoothly and peaceful solutions easier to reach, especially when the relationship has been going badly for years. Looking at things from a different perspective, Intellectual Ink Magazine reports that the lunar eclipse that occurs on May 26, right in Sagittarius, could mess up many Sagittarians' love relationships. You may feel the need to make a personal revolution, which involves partnership readjustments.


Until May 20, you enjoy a warm period with the deepest feelings and emotions.

On May 9, transiting Venus marks the beginning of a period when some single Capricorns might fall in love with a colleague. Romance can be born in the most unexpected circumstances while working on a professional project or running around taking care of small daily responsibilities. May 17-18 could see a significant, beneficial work or health-related event with major long-term effects on your life. The lunar eclipse on May 26 could prove crucial for Capricorns' love lives, as the Moon rules their house of relationships, while the Sun rules the house of intimacy. Around the eclipse time, you may have a moment of revelation in your married life or find that the memory of a past passion consumes you. Intellectual Ink Magazine suggests that you take advantage of the energy of the Moon to detach yourself from the past for good.

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