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LaJill Hunt never thought this is where her career would take her; however, the phrase "When One Door Closes, Another Opens" has explained the trajectory of her award-winning path to greatness. 
Born in Mobile, Alabama, exploded onto the literary scene in 2003 with the highly acclaimed and humorous Drama Queen. Soon thereafter, she continued to 'wow' us with memorable characters that entertained and intrigued us. With a growing tribe of fans that transcend all ages and cultures,

 What was the inspiration behind your very first novel?

The true inspiration was to entertain my coworkers. I had no clue that I was even writing a novel or that I would be published. One of my supervisors suggested I write a book because I was always reading, and she gave me a legal pad and pen. I took it back to my desk and did exactly what she told me to do. 


If you could change anything about your literary career trajectory, what would you choose?
At one point, I became discouraged and frustrated by the publishing industry and put down my pen for what I thought was for good. I didn't write for nearly five years. Looking back, I should've never put it down. 


Your catalog is quite extensive. What is your favorite genre to write? 
My favorite genre to write is Women's Contemporary Fiction, also known as Chic-Lit. 


You're currently writing for the BET hit show Family Business based on the Carl Weber books. Is it easier or harder writing for TV rather than books?
Writing scripts, for me, is so much easier because dialogue is my strength. I can write conversations between characters for days. 


We notice that you tend to write about plus-size women, which has contributed to an industry of often overlooked and under-appreciated women. What inspires you to advocate for this group of women?
Being a plus-size woman myself definitely makes me an advocate. It angers me when we are relegated to being the maternal figures, the best friends, the bubbly coworker, or the entertainment villain. 


What's next for you on this literary journey? 
I have no idea. I definitely plan to add to my film and television repertoire, so that's on the horizon. I'm also excited about a sports documentary series that I've recently become a part of, which is so cool and is—a new experience. I am open to whatever the universe chooses to reward me with. 
Any advice for new and upcoming authors?
Write because you enjoy writing and for the love of the craft. Do your research and learn about the industry, and respect it. Write the book that you would love to read. 



LaJill continues to bridge the gap with her work in the genre of urban chic-lit. She has also contributed to the street anthology series Around the Way Girls. She is currently promoting her latest "Large and in Charge" while working on the BET series based on Carl Weber's "Family Business" books. LaJill currently resides in Virginia Beach, VA, enjoying time with her family and friends when she's not writing her next bestseller. I enjoyed chatting with LaJill during a brief break in her busy schedule, and she did not disappoint. Here are some highlights. Enjoy, and don't forget to check out her catalog of bestselling novels.


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