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In June, we are invited to sharpen our logic and emotional intelligence, seek our special place under the Sun, and undergo essential transformations. In the first three weeks of June, Gemini seems to have the first say in unfolding events. Mercury retrograde in this sign requires us to revise our information and communication and urges us not to jump to conclusions that are not well informed. On June 10, we have a SOLAR ECLIPSE IN GEMINI. This eclipse is part of a series of less common eclipses. The energy it emanates is meant to trigger revelations and stimulate our creativity and our boldest, most outrageous ideas. Intuition becomes so much stronger that some of us may experience prophetic dreams or moments of enlightenment when the mind is more receptive than ever to messages coming from the subconscious. Starting mid-month, our fundamental need for freedom and progress is confronted with the limits of time and reality. Towards the end of the month, relationships with others tend to become fraught, perhaps also because of the frustrations and blockages we all feel. Now that we've got the main idea of June out of the way let's look at this month's horoscope for each sign.


The first part of June brings opportunities to relax and have fun. Relationships with colleagues and the pleasure of working with attention to detail come to the fore.  The New Moon on June 10 may bring you a new situation in your relationships or a new opportunity for romance. Set aside time for hobbies, too! After June 11, there may be confrontations with overly proud people and beautiful experiences lived with passion and joy.  It's time to think more seriously about what it is about yourself and your family that you are so unhappy with, what it is that is undermining your sense of security. However, keep in mind that it's not just others who should change, but you need to make essential adjustments yourself. Only by clarifying these issues will you feel more liberated, more at peace with yourself. From June 23, you think more clearly and organize your time and energy better.


The first part of the month is a good time for passion, romance, and erotic expression.
The solar eclipse on June 10 activates your emotions, your past, your unconscious. As a result, you may find the rest of the month relatively difficult on the soul, as relationships with parents and loved ones consume you physically and mentally more than usual.
Around June 15, you could decipher subtle, hidden messages. Logic meets intuition. 
After June 20, Jupiter retrograde in your sign helps you to discover reserves of wisdom you never knew you had.


June starts for you with a series of events related to communication and knowledge. As your mind works on many levels simultaneously, you need to select meaningful information not to overload your nervous system.
You should also be aware of the solar eclipse on June 10, which suggests that you may be experiencing communication problems on an emotional level. After June 11, you have more zest for life and perhaps even a propensity for excess. Try to avoid excesses if you don't want to weaken your immune system. Towards the end of the month, the main events you attract seem to center around home and family. You have the opportunity to get to know yourself better if you spend more time in intimate environments.


Throughout June, caution is advised when it comes to money. 
Intellectual Ink Magazine advises you to avoid spending too much money and think about increasing your income. 
It wouldn't hurt to set yourself a clear budget for really urgent or essential expenses. Avoid resorting to manipulation and be careful that others don't manipulate you or talk down to you. After June 11, your energy is focused around home, where there is much to be done. You can resolve some tensions with those at home with humor and generosity of spirit.
Towards the end of the month, relations with siblings, neighbors, colleagues are strongly activated.


In the first part of the month, you seem to be going through a period when you are more vulnerable or feel more exposed on an emotional level. Maybe, out of a desire to (re)win someone over, you have to reveal your more sensitive areas.
The solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10 urges you to prioritize your own life. It's not out of the question that a moment of crisis or an unexpected event will force you to redefine yourself, which can also significantly impact your relationships, which will also have to be readjusted. In the second half of the month, beware of the tendency to express yourself too vehemently at times, as if you knew it all. Not everyone agrees with you, and what you say can often be twisted. Be patient, don't rush things!


In June, you are going through a difficult period in your emotional and partnership life. A situation you faced in February may be replayed or worsened. On the other hand, you now have the opportunity to see specific relationship issues from a different perspective. Therefore, you have a good chance of finding a solution or realizing that you can no longer postpone particular changes.
After June 21, the Sun in your sign brings you much energy. You become active, and your presence easily attracts attention. You could start a new exercise program that combines strength with gentleness.  From June 23, the inner turmoil you may have felt over the past few weeks fades. After June 27, you're invited to invest in beautiful things and take pride in your native talents.


You start June surrounded by friends and are caught up in many projects.  
You plan for the future, devise strategies, work on the smooth running of your teams. Don't forget to take advantage of the energy of the solar eclipse on June 10 to revise or change your plans. From the second part of the month, it does you good to remain a detached observer of events and focus on the spiritual aspects of life. After June 27, Venus in Leo enhances your charm and physical beauty.


The first part of June brings you many career and relationship-related events in official work settings. You're concerned about your public image and stand out easily. You become a role model in the way you think and communicate. After June 11, you may have the opportunity to get out of debt if you know how to manage your money wisely. Jupiter retrograde on June 20 invites you to see your loved ones in a new light. After June 23, the atmosphere at work is more relaxed, and you need to devote time to your spiritual development.


You may start interacting directly with managers or important people at the beginning of the month. In turn, you take on new responsibilities towards others. Your public image becomes a priority. The New Moon on June 10 triggers something new in your philosophy of life. You're setting new directions and could embark on a new adventure. There is a risk of being misunderstood, of having your statements and initiatives twisted, especially before June 23. You would therefore do well to show patience and calmness in communicating with others. From June 23, you think more clearly and communicate more easily. After June 27, Venus in Leo brings you close groups of friends. With them, you can start new projects that excite you.


You start June trying to understand some hidden information and working intensely with complex emotions. You carefully observe the psychology of others. Various situations related to money in a couple come to light. Around June 5, someone close to you may misinterpret your messages or try to manipulate you. The New Moon on June 10 triggers profound emotional changes in you. After the solar eclipse, there may be a crisis in your intimate life: jealousy, suspicions, and long-standing fears, forcing severe changes. Unpleasant as it may seem, such a moment gives you an excellent opportunity to revitalize your relationship with your life partner. On the other hand, the eclipse's energy can inspire a revelation about toxic relationships in your life. After June 21, it's advisable to plan more trips to unfamiliar places. You need a sense of adventure. You broaden your horizons by going far away or accessing new information. From June 23, communication between you and those very close to you returns to normal.


Relationships are demanding your full attention from the beginning of the month. Many people want to get in touch with you, and you have a lot to communicate with. After June 2, you begin to focus on people very close to you. If you are very honest with each other, you can create very intimate and emotional moments. From June 20, Jupiter retrograde makes you see things from an unusual perspective and meditate on your spiritual values. You may discover that someone in your family has wise guiding qualities.  After June 27, fun and interesting strangers come your way. Together you can create happy and meaningful moments.


The first part of the month brings many events to work. Reviews, analyses, clarifications are needed. After June 2, you start to get more help from others. You pay more attention to relationships and seek to associate with sensitive, protective people. 
Around June 5, it's good to make an extra effort to remain attentive and present.  The New Moon on June 10 can bring you the start of new projects at work. After June 11, you confront taboo subjects and uncomfortable emotions. Intimacy is important, but it can also stir up ego battles. Money received from other people can become the focus of arguments and competition. After June 20, you can show unique artistic inspiration. You see things around you in a new light and pick up subtle nuances of special beauty. From June 23 you can concentrate more easily at work and communicate better with colleagues.

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