Joey was born in Memphis, TN, and raised in the neighborhood of Frayser. Since the early 2000s, he has worked in the literary industry as a book reviewer and author interviewer before shifting to promoting books. He has donned various hats in the book world including writing short stories, essays, and forewords for various publications, as well as producing book covers, book trailers, and book-related graphic design for social media. He is a chocolate enthusiast whose palate ranges from corner store to gourmet. Joey lives near the geographical center of his home state with his wife and daughter.

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Let's take a trip to Brown Town! What motivated you to start your own publishing company?


Brown Town Publishing was started to be an outlet for the stories I write. I’ve been inspired by the various authors I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing over the decade and a half. I’ve been writing outlines, book titles, and character profiles since before I started promoting authors. Having a publishing company is something I’ve been talking about with my family and friends for the past few years. I have so many story ideas, and Brown Town Publishing gives me a means to put them out there.


What can we expect from Brown Town?


I use the words intellectual and quirky to describe what to expect from BTP. Intellectual, because there’s always a method to my madness. Everything plot-wise and character-wise will be interconnected. Quirky, because I tend to take risks and go off the beaten path with where my stories go.


The first three books on the docket to be published as collections of previously published short works of fiction. Welcome to Black Haven will be a collection of all the stories featuring that fictitious neighborhood. Like Father, Like Son will be a collection of unrelated short stories. The Exit & The Entrance is a 100-poem poetry collection.


After those are released in the next few months, I have at least three more books planned for the Black Haven series. I also have two more series of novels/novellas that are on the horizon.


Lastly, we love to see the beautiful pics of your daughter on social media; how do you balance work and family?


Balance? There’s a such thing as balance when it comes to work and family? Just kidding. This is a hard question to answer because my answer could change depending on the time of day.I work from home, so there is no balance most of the time. The days would be a complete blur without my steno pad that I use for bullet-journaling to keep a lot of my affairs in order. I use a bunch of daily alarms on my phone to make sure that I take my daughter to school and pick her up on time. Sometimes I focus on my work and leave my wife and daughter to their own devices. Sometimes I focus on them and put off work because I’d hate to wake up one day as an old man who wished I would have spent a little more time with the ones who obviously love me for me.

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