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July talks about the interplay between the power of the heart and mind. The dialogue between cosmic energies reminds us to celebrate life every moment. We are here to enjoy and love. Also, we owe an equal duty to respect the freedom and rights of other people. Now that we've got the main idea of July out of the way, let's look at this month's horoscope for each sign.


The first part of July keeps you in tension regarding relationships: your rules and timing clash with your partner's choices and will. You have to find a suitable solution for everyone. You have the right to impose boundaries and respect. At the same time, you focus on your work and seek to carry out your duties professionally. In the second half of the month, your efforts may pay off in unexpected ways. The good you do for others comes back in spades. After July 22, you direct even more energy towards relationships. Others may mirror personal aspects of you that you haven't realized before. By being with them, you learn to see yourself in a different light.


For you, July starts on a pleasant and relaxing note. Even though you may have a lot of work to do at work, there are also opportunities for fun in your free time. In this way, you regenerate mentally and physically. You may feel like a child on your toes. Meanwhile, Venus and Mars in Leo create dynamism in work situations. Relationships with colleagues may bring up old issues.
On July 18, live in the moment, but think about the future too! After July 22, you may feel you are attracting even more work. Your wholehearted commitment at work may bring you applause, but also new tasks. Still, you can work with pleasure. At the same time, Venus in Virgo brings you into the midst of people and helps you refine your collaborative style. Don't take too critical comments to heart. You can only retain the helpful advice that well-meaning people around you give you.


Under the influence of the Sun in Cancer, the first half of July brings you a list of events related to family and home. It's an excellent time to connect with the past and your roots, to spend time in privacy. You think about how you could achieve both material satisfaction and pure happiness by changing your lifestyle from the ground up. While this period invites you to relax and holiday, the New Moon on July 10 awakens precious memories and offers moments of great sensitivity.  Towards the end of the month, you become more active and energetic. New opportunities for fun arise, and you feel an inner boost that makes you happy.


In the first part of the month, you are full of curiosity and assimilate new information. You may feel a tension between the desire to stay at home and professional obligations. What makes you happy? You seek to act responsibly but at the same time not neglect your family. The New Moon on July 10 brings news that impresses you and stirs your caring spirit. The Moon's energy can amplify communication with your family. Make your emotions known to those around you. You learn to detach yourself from the egos of others and look at them with maturity. Around July 25, exciting secrets may come to light. On the last days of the month, you rest your mind and analyze your past. Jupiter in Aquarius also makes you wonder how you can get involved in society in an honorable way.


Until July 11, Mercury is in your sign, which makes you talkative and very expressive. Your mental activity is intense, and you can be very creative with your ideas. Suppose you keep a sense of humor and a playful disposition. In that case, your curiosity will carry you through many surprising situations. By mid-month, you can get into various heated discussions. The way you see things clashes with other people's philosophy of life. Towards the end of the month, the Sun in Leo brings you new learning situations and fun, spontaneous, engaging discussions. The sentimental plan of single natives doesn't change, but a hint of hope may appear. Those in a relationship will enjoy the good news. This month, financial gains will increase, but the expense will also be proportional.


The Sun in your sign brings you a lot of energy, initiative, and creativity. Your mood is expansive and bright.
The New Moon on July 10 gives you a lot of sensitivity. Those around you quickly notice your delicate and protective mood.
It wouldn't hurt this month to show your family how important they are to you. You can cook them a hearty meal. Take charge of your life, and you'll gain trust and affection. Towards the end of the month, you begin to investigate taboo subjects and bring out new emotions.


July promises to be a good time to invest and increase earnings. Together with your loved ones, you can organize a week-long holiday, where you'll be sure to disconnect from all the daily stress. Around July 13, your magnetism is strong, and you can easily attract others. Show off your beauty and style! By July 22, while the Sun is in Cancer, you have the opportunity to let go of old feelings and prepare the ground for new beginnings. Once the Sun enters Leo, you feel more active and easily come into the spotlight. A general sense of newness makes you spontaneously adapt to novel situations that come your way.  After July 28, you need to observe and understand the people around you correctly to avoid unnecessary conflicts.


In the first part of the month, professional approaches, discussions with bosses, colleagues, and collaborators are on the horizon.
You are supported in your projects by good people, so it would be good to express your ideas clearly and patiently. Some will offer to help you unconditionally, but others will withdraw from working with you for various reasons. There are people around you who are hindering your progress, especially at work. Quickly track down people who are just taking advantage of you or creating all sorts of controversial and tiresome scenes. It's time to get serious about yourself and your plans.  The second part of the month is favorable for discretion, peaceful dialogues with loved and trusted ones, and rest and walks outdoors. You could do with a few days off with plenty of sleep and the proper diet.


Cultivate positive thinking and harmonious dialogues. Although Mercury is no longer retrograde, your mind remains restless. You quickly lose your patience in relationships with others, so you could be labeled an aggressive person. The New Moon on July 10 brings you into the spotlight at work. One way or another, you get new responsibilities, but you could also get deserved applause. Around July 13, you could get some precious ideas for future development. You may wonder where you could see yourself in a few years and with whom. Towards the end of the month, there may be some more tense discussions in the family or with authoritative people. After July 28, you are in a more expansive mood, and there are opportunities to relax. You try to enjoy your free time more and do things that matter to your soul.


The month brings expenses when you least expect them, so be prudent and make a list of priorities. Spend and consume the bare necessities as your income fluctuates or even decreases during July. With the new Moon on July 10, try to intuit the meaning of some experiences and see life as a whole. Around July 13, you are concerned about your public image. It would be best if you made a good impression. It is advisable to avoid an overly proud attitude. If other people behave too authoritatively towards you, you can respond with dignity and humor. Towards the end of the month, things are visibly improving at work. There are chances of promotion or a beneficial change in career and working conditions.


July brings you close to some friendly people. With them, you build moments of emotional togetherness. You can quickly feel beyond appearances. You tend to be more discreet and secretive. In this way, you investigate your feelings carefully. By July 10, you may face some more tense debates. It's best not to insist on fixed ideas. The New Moon on July 10 can bring about revelations and emotional healing in family relationships. The way you share your time, resources, and energy with those close to you should be as fair as possible to everyone. Towards the end of the month, you are full of confidence and determined to show those around you what you can do - but don't overdo it.


In the first part of the month, work can put quite a mental strain on you. You debate, negotiate, write, read, listen and give feedback like a student. You're also involved in a lot of social interaction. Others come to you and ask for attention, protection, empathy - you put your psychological skills to work. In this way, you experience transformative moments in relationships. In the middle of the month, it is advisable to express yourself sensitively and be attentive to the emotions of others. That way, you can understand them better. After July 22, the Sun in Leo reveals unconscious emotions and helps you discover your hidden powers. In the last days of the month, another person's opinions clash with your will.

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