Sticky and awkward conversations may plague you this month. Somehow everything you say gets lost in translation somehow. Part of the reason may be due to your lack of focus, try and stay in the moment when conversing with others.


You are on the search for something more meaningful now. Talk about the latest trends or the number of likes on social media are unlikely to capture your interest. You might decide to dabble in a little bit of religious or spiritual activities.



A change of direction might be just what you need right now. Routines and predictable timetables leave you feeling bored and uninspired. Perhaps now is the time to take charge of the steering wheel and try another route


A problem shared is a problem halved. Although hesitant, now may be a good time for you to open up and confide in a friend. Bottling things up rarely makes the problem go away. Hearing another viewpoint might just do the trick.


Someone may frustrate you with their opposing views which may come over as if they are trying to pick a fight. Both of you will have valid points and some brilliant ideas. For a good result, patience will be needed from both sides.


Your guard is down, and you are ready to follow wherever your heart takes you. Sometimes this place will be in your imagination. Nothing wrong with

daydreaming if it helps you recharge so you can be at your best.


You see the silver-lining in every cloud which is great as any new opportunities

that arise will not be lost on you. Fun and adventure is your number one

mission and whoever wants to join you is welcome along the ride!


Over-indulgence might be the best word to describe this period. Enjoying yourself will be a priority as will going out and catching up with friends. Time to let your hair down, just don’t forget to reign it in from time to time.


It's not a bad thing to exercise caution especially when exploring new territory. However, too much caution can result in missed opportunities. It will be tricky to find the balance, but some discernment will be necessary at times.


Your mind is sharp now and anyone trying to pull a fast one on you will probably fail. This is a great time to catching up studies or reading. Once your mind is in the zone’ there is not stopping you.


Why not take a little time to enjoy yourself or even try something different? Perhaps you feel like it isn’t fully deserved, but resisting will achieve nothing in the end. Life is for living and enjoyment should be part of that.


Sometimes the best way to get what it is we want is to look at things from another person’s perspective. You may be a little head strong now, but compromise might just get you the results you are looking for.