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California Governor Montgomery ‘Monty’ Fields III, thrives off of control, and no one is exempt...friends, family and foe. Things begin to unravel when he realizes that he doesn’t have as much control as he thinks, and his childhood demons rear their ugly head.

First Lady Ellaina ‘Elle’ Lockhart-Fields is a doting wife and mother, who is living a secret that has haunted her since her teens. Is her secret worth the fire that she’s playing with?

Brooklyn Pryce is a single mother and the governor’s mistress, who meets someone that can offer her everything he can’t. But leaving may not be as easy as she thinks.

This book is full of secrets, drama, scandal and malice. This page-turner addresses social issues that may be considered taboo, but will leave the reader wanting more. I highly recommend this


What can I say about this book, other than it grabbed me from page one and took me on an emotional roller coaster filled with dips and turns? Heavy in content, yet deep in soul searching...especially if you’ve ever been in the type of love described in this book. 

Campbell and Donovan are two broken halves who are trying to make a an imperfect world. I love the way it was told from varying perspectives. 

Once again, Ms. McFadden has proven why she is in a literary lane of her own. I highly recommend this book be read with a book club or a friend because you will need to discuss it with someone.


Phebe Delores Brown lived a very sheltered plantation life, under the protective eye of mother. A sudden accident brings many changes. As a result, Phebe is sold into an unknown lifestyle, and the promise of freedom at the age of gone forever.

In this book, the author gives a vivid , yet historical account of a “Yellow Wife”, a woman of position who is often reminded that she is still a slave. Determined to give her children a better life, Phebe is forced to make decisions of survival.

The storyline allowed the heaviness of the topic to flow with ease, and the characterization was on point. I recommend this book be read with a book buddy or book club, because you’re going to want to discuss it with someone.



In acknowledgement of Black History Month, today’s book comes from @brooklyn737.

Essence bestselling author Donna Hill brings us an emotional love story set against the powerful backdrop of the civil rights movement that gripped a nation―a story as timely as it is timeless…

The year is 1963. In Harlem, the epicenter of Black culture, the fight for equality has never been stronger. The time is now. Enough is enough. Yet even within its ranks, a different kind of battle rages. Love thy neighbor? Or rise up against your oppressors?


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