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The first half of April is marked by new beginnings, immediate decisions, actions dictated by the moment's intuition. Logical thinking and quick verbalization guide our reactions and behavior. At the same time, mid-April leads to open confrontations on issues related to authority, power, and control.
Afterward, with the Sun's entry into Taurus on the evening of April 19th, the atmosphere clears and stabilizes. Thus, we are invited to calm down, anchor ourselves in simple pleasures, and enjoy nature.
So, let's follow the April horoscope provided by Intellectual Ink Magazine for each zodiac sign!


In April 2021, you are more interested in the outer universe than in the inner one and more willing to interact with others. 
At the same time, you are more expansive so that those around you may have the impression that they do not have much chance to be heard. The life partner, however, is very determined to be heard since last month! The April transits favor negotiations and agreements, including in the couple's relationship and family life, so Intellectual Ink Magazine appreciates that you can easily reach everyday decisions. In this way, it is possible to decide together that the time has come for a renovation of the living space so that everyone feels comfortable.
Single Aquariuses can discover love closer than they expected: when they go out to buy bread or throw garbage, for a walk in the neighborhood, or on the occasion of a virtual course, on the internet. In April, remember that effective communication can be the key to many difficult situations in your life. Pay attention to what you say and what others tell you! If so, write it down! You attend to forget, and the consequences can be very unpleasant.


For single Pisces, there are no special sentimental events in April. 
After April 23rd, the atmosphere wakes up, but not much. If you are looking for your soul mate, you probably still don't have high hopes. During this time, it would be much more helpful to meditate on the importance of relationships in your life and what you are willing to offer in a relationship.
Between April 4-19, partnerships, collaborations, and associations benefit you in terms of income. On the other hand, your life partner (if any) may encourage you to be more materially independent. It is not the case to feel offended, but to give your best to show off your talents and professional competence.


Despite the impulsiveness that characterizes you, your mind is clear. In the first part of the month, you know how to put the issue in negotiations to obtain additional benefits. You also have the chance to do great if you are looking for a job. If, in addition to enthusiasm, you manage to show organizational qualities, it doesn't take long to convince a potential employer.
After April 22nd, Venus and the Sun, located in Taurus, meet Uranus, suggesting that a sudden attraction may occur, a love story that arises unexpectedly. It may be an attraction at first sight, which makes you think you've found your other half, and you don't want to seduce anything that gets in your way. It is not excluded that the meeting with this person will be given to you by a friend or acquaintance.
If you are in a serious relationship, try to stop being the center of attention and give your partner more importance.
There is also no cause for health concerns. At least until mid-April, you get a lot of energy.


You start April with a tendency to isolate yourself from others and to ruminate in your inner forum on all kinds of issues, from emotional or relational, to the material. If you are involved in a romantic relationship, your partner tries - and has all the chances to succeed - to refresh you and get you out of the shell, especially in the first decade of the month.  Then, the couple's relationship may become tense because you tend to become suspicious for no reason, jealous and possessive, and rummage through the past for more or less clear evidence of infidelity.
April 11-18 could be relatively tumultuous in love, so Intellectual Ink Magazine recommends that you appeal to reason and strive to be as objective as possible. In the second half of the month, Taurus who carry out independent activities, have management positions, or benefit from more freedom of movement could be more advantageous. April 23rd can be marked as the beginning of a period in which you have the opportunity to open your soul in front of a therapist or a close person to get rid of certain older emotional burdens.


In the first half of April, you should make the most of the transit of the planet Venus, the planet of love, through the house of Gemini's social life. It's time to meet people of all kinds, from different social areas, maybe even other nationalities.
The interval April 9-11 is announced to be particularly favorable for Geminis who are looking for a romantic relationship. It is possible to outline a relationship at a distance or with a person belonging to another culture.
There is also a rather hectic month professionally, especially in terms of (re)negotiating income. If you are employed, it is possible to have conflicts at work about distributing tasks and their benefits. If you are involved in an association or partnership, tough negotiations can take place to share responsibilities and profit. Some Geminis want more help from their colleagues to achieve their professional goals, or they would like everything to be resolved quickly. From a physical and moral point of view, you are more energetic, more optimistic in the first half of April. Still, in the second half of the month, you start to feel the need for more rest, peace, maybe even loneliness.


Cancer career house remains strong in the first half of April 2021, which helps you assert yourself, consolidate your career, and make significant progress with specific professional projects you rely on in the long run. You may receive good news in terms of income: you may benefit from an increase in salary or profit, or you may discover a new business idea, which allows you to earn more in a safer, more stable way.
Cancers' love story comes to life in the second half of April, when Venus, the Sun, and Mercury enter the house of social life, social groups, and friends. Another significant astrological event for Cancers is the entry of Mars (the traditional governor of the house of love) in Cancer's sign on April 23rd. Therefore, it is expected to have more sentimental initiative and to be able to overcome your shyness and restraints more quickly. You can take a step forward and make it clear to the person who attracts you that you have certain feelings. It is foreseen for April, a busy, dynamic period, but you do not lack energy or motivation at all.


he Sun, the governor of Leo, transits Aries until April 19th, 2021, which means that you enjoy youthful enthusiasm and have a desire for adventure and knowledge. Suppose you are part of an old couple and feel that the relationship is stuck in a routine. In that case, this astrological context creates excellent conditions for revitalizing the relationship. Also, during this period, you are more willing to collaborate with those around you. You have chances to discover a new formula of success and the joy of sharing the ramp's lights with others.
You may enjoy a salary increase or additional earnings that you did not expect. In the last days of April 2021, you tend to become more revolutionary than usual, so Intellectual Ink Magazine suggests you try to be as patient as possible with those around you.
No matter how energetic and enthusiastic you are, you'd better not force things and avoid exaggerations so as not to ruin what you've built so far.


If you are still so severe in love, in April 2021, it is even possible to have serious and intense situations, which could destabilize you a little. To expect deep and lasting love is necessary to be willing to offer something from your soul, from your depths, from what you do not show to everyone.

April can bring many Virgos unique encounters, which help them find their way or which, in some cases, even change their lives. It is possible to meet a person who sees in your soul and with whom you feel understood, serene, at ease.
Virgos who are already involved in older relationships tend to become overly curious and try to rummage through the life partner's soul, leading to straining the relationship, even if their intentions are good. If you are one of these Virgos, Intellectual Ink Magazine advises you to curb your curiosity and show patience. The loved one will open his soul to you when he thinks it is the right time or feels ready for such a gesture. In April, Mars continues to help you assert yourself and make substantial career changes professionally in specific long-term projects.


In April 2021, you feel much more at ease in society, which can be particularly profitable for your career, business and enriching your client portfolio. You have the opportunity to lay the foundations for new partnerships and negotiate new contracts.
If you are employed, you can renegotiate the employment contract if you are no longer satisfied with the salary or work you do.
After April 22nd, Venus, the Sun, and Mars meet Uranus, the governor of Libra's love house. Therefore, you can expect anything: love at first sight, surprises from your life partner, but also a surprise pregnancy. 
If you don't want a baby right now, Intellectual Ink Magazine advises you to be careful and not get carried away.


For most of the Scorpios, April marks a happy, intense life, full of pleasant surprises and opportunities.
Suppose the relations between the life partner and the family you come from have been strained lately. In that case, perfect conditions are created for a long-awaited reconciliation in the second half of April, bringing peace of mind to all and brightens the atmosphere.
Scorpio's house of work is well activated by the planets until April 19th, which allows you to reorient yourself professionally, streamline your work, find new employees, collaborators, or find a better job.
Intellectual Ink Magazine recommends that you show flexibility and collegiality and strive to be receptive to others' needs.


Passion predominates in the sentimental life of Sagittarius for most of April 2021, so you have every chance to enjoy love and harmony with your partner. If you are solo, you can expect new and exciting adventures.
Also, love stimulates your creativity, so it is possible to find that you are more motivated and enthusiastic at work.
In April, whether you are employed or running your own business, you benefit from creativity, imagination, and the courage to assert yourself, which helps you get out of anonymity. Talent and competence make you stand out wherever you go. You have a great chance to find a new job or successfully launch an individual project, a product, or a new stage in your career.
Intellectual Ink Magazine tells you that you may become a bit vain and always want to be the center of attention. If you do not cooperate with colleagues and integrate into the team, you risk waking up alone, without allies and support.


For most of April 2021, you seem to have more to do with yourself than others. Immersed in your inner forum and your own emotions, you tend to become deaf to others' wishes and blind to the Welsh looks that someone dares to send you.
For Capricorns who have already started their own family, Intellectual Ink Magazine recommends taking advantage of this month's transits to make peace with loved ones, to restore harmony in the home.
Until April 23rd, Mars energizes your work and health. The harmonious aspects it forms with Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter predict significant gains and, perhaps, even a long-term increase in income.
If you are looking for a (new) job, Intellectual Ink Magazine appreciates that the chances of finding something commensurate with your competence and aspirations increases during this period.

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