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Here we are on the threshold of a fresh start in the wheel of the zodiacal year!
Until the 20th, March brings us a few weeks strongly marked by Pisces' imaginative and sensitive energy. After this date, the astrological register receives the combative, fiery, and bold influence of Aries. In parallel, the Gemini sign's activation has kept our perceptions alert and our curiosity alive since the first days of the month. The world stage, thus, becomes an inexhaustible source of interesting information, conversations, and debates. So let's follow the March horoscope provided by Intellectual Ink Magazine for each zodiac sign!


Starting with March 4th, the sentimental life of Aquarius is energized by the transit of the planet Mars. You are more attracted than usual to discussions, flirtations and games, but you are interested in more intellectuals rather than concrete relationships.
If you have had a crush for a long time but have not found the best way to make your feelings known in March 2021, you can try. Intellectual Ink Magazine encourages you to declare your feelings after the 20th because you tend to be bolder than usual around that time. In terms of money, the situation seems to be clearing up in March 2021. A prospect of prosperity is beginning to emerge, and financial intuition is out of the ordinary.


Mercury can significantly improve Pisces' love life after March 16th.
You are expected to receive more attention from your partner or, if you are single, from potential partners. Venus also transits Pisces' sign until March 21st, which gives you the ability to attract a unique romance.
After the New Moon moment in Pisces on March 13th, it is worth trying new development directions and new ways to express yourself professionally. Maybe it's time to focus on a new field of activity or acquire new skills, increasing your employment chances.  After March 20th, you may be pleasantly surprised by the material benefits obtained or an offer of employment or collaboration.


This month, consider your intuition and don't let yourself be influenced by the turmoil around you because you risk wasting your energy and not focusing on critical issues.
Mars, the planet that governs your zodiac sign, begins its transit through Aries' third house on March 4th, which stimulates your thinking, thirst for knowledge, and the need to communicate to make yourself heard. Intellectual Ink Magazine suggests that you take advantage of this energy to learn new things that can help you progress professionally and make your ideas and projects known. Emotionally, on March 20th, the Sun enters Aries, followed the next day by Venus. Therefore, you rediscover your self-confidence and the ability to attract and seduce, so you do not lack attention from potential partners or your life partner.


The social life of Taurus is vibrant in March 2021, despite the limitations caused by the pandemic, and after March 16th, love opportunities could appear. Until March 21st, Venus, the governor of your zodiac sign, induces a tendency towards tenderness, poetic romance, fantasy, and care for your loved one. Intellectual Ink Magazine suggests you take this opportunity to manifest exactly as you are.

Professionally and in terms of material gains, March 2021 promises to be very good for Taurus. You are inspired and confident in your strength, and you benefit from significant help from friends, colleagues, or a group that appreciates you.


In March 2021, Gemini's preoccupation with a love life is more significant than usual, and many of them wonder if their relationship has a long-term chance. It is not excluded that some of the Gemini realize that their marriage is instead a professional alliance. On March 4th, Mars begins its transit right through Gemini's sign, which could inflame your senses and imagination and induce strong romantic desires. But, the relationship you would like to be romantic may remain at a platonic level.
On March 16th, Mercury, the governor of Gemini, can help you advance in the organization's hierarchy in which you work, obtain a leadership position in your career, etc. Towards the end of the month, however, some Gemini may find that their value system does not fit well with the company's values they work for. They might find themselves in a conflict of interest, or a career change has become necessary.


After the emotional and relational upheaval you have been through in the previous month, in March 2021, it is time to catch your breath, meditate and take a step back to reorganize your thoughts.  Mars begins its transit through your 12th house (isolation, suffering, the subconscious, healing, spirituality), which can help you detach from the past or have a deeper understanding of past relationships in your life. Intellectual Ink Magazine recommends you take stock and try a ritual of self-forgiveness and forgiveness of those you think might have wronged you or hurt you in the past.


In March 2021, it is expected that the erotic life of the Leons will be considerably animated. In long-lasting relationships, intimate connections are restored; recently established relationships can enter a more intense deepening phase, connecting emotionally and intimately. In terms of money, March 2021 promises to be quite complicated, especially if you have to pay debts or bank loans, pay alimony, negotiate a share, or get financing. The luckier you are with money in the first days of the month, the more wasteful you will become in the last decade.  Despite these things, Intellectual Ink Magazine recommends that you continue to show collegiality and avoid vanity manifestations.


In March 2021, you enjoy relational harmony. You benefit from the energy needed to build or rebuild a romantic relationship, and you have the opportunity to meet people who attract you and make you think of a long-term relationship. 
After March 16th, you are interested in others and their desires, and you are receptive to the new in terms of married life, whether it is an older relationship or one that has recently flourished in your life. 
You inhale and let yourself be inspired, and sincere discussions, which also reflect your soul, can bring you even closer to your life partner. In terms of income, during March 2021, you benefit from partnerships, collaboration, and teamwork. Intellectual Ink Magazine recommends you to be very careful and pragmatic when negotiating your rights or profits.


Some Libras have high expectations from their relationships this month or search for a deeper meaning in their current relationships. Whether you are married or looking for a romantic bond, intellectual fit tends to weigh more and more in the couple's life and their partners' beliefs about life or values.
In terms of money, in March 2021, the revenues are equal to the effort. You have a chance to get serious benefits only if you make an effort and if you do not try to waste time. Some Libras may tend to be more based on the income of their life partner, colleagues or, friends' help. Intellectual Ink Magazine recommends that you take advantage of the March transits to rebuild the bridges of communication, get closer to others, and attract allies and supporters. You can demonstrate your talents and skills by making yourself useful to others.


March's cosmic conjuncture gives Scorpios an extraordinary seduction capacity, which benefits those who want to conquer someone or look for love, eager to meet new people. For Scorpios, who are in a serious relationship or married, the same energy intensifies the couple's flame. 
If you are single, it seems that you attract quite a lot of potential partners, but you are not willing to settle for superficial relationships. On the other hand, during this period, there are few chances to start a relationship that will offer you interesting long-term perspectives. Intellectual Ink Magazine suggests taking advantage of cosmic energy for inner exploration and deciding what you want emotionally and intimately.
Regarding the professional field, in March 2021, your mind is not very busy at work. You may find that it is quite difficult for you to focus on your daily tasks, maintain your work pace or follow your work schedule.


In March 2021, the love life of Sagittarius could experience a dynamic, exciting, and full of potential period ahead.
Many Sagittarians have the opportunity to bring back into the couple's life the adventure, the game. The hangover without obligations and new relationships are launched like the bumblebee towards the dandelion's weak core.
Compared to the previous month, you have a much calmer atmosphere professionally, and you may even tend to run away from responsibilities more than usual. 
In terms of money, Intellectual Ink Magazine believes that the situation can improve around March 22nd. There are chances to conclude new contracts, get hired (if that's what you want), or reap previous activities' fruits.


Venus transits the sign of Pisces until March 21st, marking a period in which you are more poetic, connected to what you feel, and better understand your feelings, but also the feelings of others. Also, you are more willing to share your feelings with other people.
You are surprised by the tenderness and interest you give to the needs and desires of your loved one. So, this is a good time to agree on common long-term goals. 
Suppose you are among the Capricorns secretly in love or maybe even shy. In that case, Intellectual Ink Magazine tells you that the astrological influences of this period are favorable to you, so you might dare to make it clear to the person who attracts you what your feelings are.
Material abundance arrives in your life in the first part of the month; instead, you have to be more careful in the second half of March to avoid financial losses or unnecessary expenses.

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