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We can say that you are among the stars of this month, the energy of Aquarius being active throughout February. Thus, from the 1st of February, you are called to value your style, to intervene as an agent of change and progress - roles that suit you naturally. Around the 6th and 7th of February, you can emit a very attractive magnetism for the others. The New Moon in your sign from the 11th of February brings you a lot of energy and renewal of forces. From the 10th of February until the end of the month, your mental energy is amplified. Intellectual Ink Magazine recommends that you avoid some rebellious discussions with family members these days. The whole month implies some tensions between your will and those around the home, the family.


It is possible that in the first half of the month, you feel that you are a detached witness of events. From the first day of February, you become receptive to collective emotions, and you are surrounded by a meditative state. This month you can synthesize large amounts of data and understand the complex life phenomena that help you fully understand yourself. After the 18th of February, you become more spontaneous and face life with more direct involvement. With the entry of Venus in Pisces on the 25th of February, you connect to the energy of harmony. Intellectual Ink Magazine recommends you pay attention to activities that bring beauty to your life, increase your physical attractiveness and enhance your charm.


From the 1st of February, the interactions with friends and your intervention in various groups, organizations, associations with which you come in contact are amplified. At the same time, you are intensely preoccupied with collective progress topics. You can receive proposals that outline new evolutionary strategies for you. Unexpected events in relationships occur around days February 6 and 7, which require a lot of seriousness. Around the 10th of February, Intellectual Ink Magazine advises you to avoid rigid thinking and discussions or some smoky conflicts with friends. The New Moon on the 11th of February invites you to set new ideals and think ahead. From the 18th of February, you focus on the spiritual aspects and become more withdrawn in a meditative mood. At the same time, you pay close attention to the material aspects of life.


From the 1st day of February, you are attracted to a suite of contacts with people in a position of authority or asked to take over some official positions yourself and address large groups of people. Around February 6 and 7, Intellectual Ink Magazine recommends that you pay attention to your public image to convey naturalness, responsibility, ingenuity. On the 10th of February, you may get into some conflicts with people trying to control you. Around the New Moon on the 11th of February, you may feel very visible in career-related circumstances and feel like an agent of change and innovation. At the same time, you may feel some social pressure in a generally rebellious context. Around the 20th of February, you have the strength, and you can put up strong resistance in front of some people with whom you disagree. With the same determination, you can accomplish essential things that are recognized by your community. Since the 21st of February, you have been thinking and communicating more clearly.


Starting with the first day of the month, you are invited to build various interactions with people from afar who bring you in touch with a nonconformist philosophy of life. In turn, you can send messages with long-distance impact. Around the 4th of February, all this will be closely connected to the professional plan and relationships with co-workers. On February 6 and 7, your communications with others can reveal very original life principles and some thinking blockages. Intellectual Ink Magazine recommends that you harness the New Moon's powerful energy on the 11th of February. Use this energy to broaden your horizons, overcome some limited judgments about spirituality, or assimilate information with an advanced degree of complexity. Around the 13th of February, you can meet people who help you decipher the meaning of past experiences and rediscover a pearl of very vast wisdom within you. After the 19th of February, you may feel that your will is confronted with the rules and principles of other people's lives, imposing renunciation and some sacrifices on you.

You can use this energy to do acts of volunteerism and selfless generosity.


From the 1st of February, you are more receptive to your relationships' emotional aspects. You can read others more quickly, and you can decipher their hidden, unspoken messages. In this way, you confront taboo subjects and produce the purification of some relationships you care about and involve some soul complications. Around the 6th of February, you may find that you and someone close to you have evolved together and that you can get rid of useless attachments or suffering. The 10th of February can bring you the courage to sincerely clarify awkward topics. Around the 13th of February, there may be some discussions about money, which draw attention to how you give and receive energy in relationships. It is good to meditate on how balanced these subtle shifts in your life are. After the 18th of February, the atmosphere becomes brighter and more expansive for you; the desire for adventure and exploration arises. Around the 20th of February, your plans may run counter to your partners' material intentions or possibilities. Intellectual Ink Magazine recommends that you take advantage of this day's energy to set goals that will help the progress of those close to you.


Relationships are a topic of great interest to you this month. From the 1st of February, you start to attract more interactions with people who stand out through an unconventional style and impel you to look around you with friendship, equality, and fraternity. Between February 10 and 13, you develop older misunderstandings so that there is consensus within the social groups you belong to and create the ground for united, group actions. Intellectual Ink Magazine recommends that you follow the balance between independence and the need to be accepted by others in the month of February.


February can bring you some tense discussions at work. On the 13th of February, it is good to make an extra effort to understand better those you work with. After the 18th of February, the pressure in the work area relaxes again. For you, a rich interval in relationship experiences begins. Others will draw your attention to a more thoughtful and sensitive life approach, especially since the 25th of February. There is more opportunity in your life for romance. Meanwhile, Mercury returning directly on the 21st brings you fresh intellectual strength and more mental receptivity to outside events.


From the 1st of February, Venus in Aquarius stimulates you to pay attention to the romantic sector. You can go through flirtation and love situations, or develop an optimistic, friendly, playful attitude, and enjoy any moment of relaxation and pleasure. All this is subject to in-depth emotional investigations to eliminate naivety and not waste time in the company of inappropriate people. Relationships with children can also come to the forefront of your attention throughout the month.


The first day of the month brings you a strong orientation towards family relationships and home life. It is good to try to bring harmony. These living environments' practical aspects are important this month, respectively, the way you feel among your close relatives or left alone with yourself. In the first half of the month, multiple reflections, discussions, and interactions help you clarify older tensions in the family and reconnect to your roots and past. You can also look at all of this in a new way. You can break free from the traditions or emotional patterns you have developed since childhood, setting your own rules in your relationships. On the other hand, you can also gain a bright feeling of unity and friendship in the family. After the 18th of February, you will feel more enthusiasm for fun, relaxation, time dedicated to hobbies. Intellectual Ink Magazine recommends that you focus on those activities you enjoy like a child in this second part of the month and help you develop your creativity. The whole month of February brings you a series of dynamic interactions, which teach you to balance individualism and cooperation.


This month builds for you a series of situations related to communication, learning, deepening of complex information that requires practical application in life. Around the 6th of February, you can show both rigorous and harmonious thinking, correlating a large volume of data. However, you may also feel the pressure to go back to older information to find solutions to some misunderstandings and mistakes you have made in the past. After the 18th of February, you need to dedicate more time to your home and family, your reality, and your own emotions. From the 21st of February, Mercury in direct transit brings you mental relaxation. After the 25th of February, Venus in Pisces urges you to focus more on life's spiritual and artistic aspects.


It is best to think deeply about your native resources in the first part of February because you can find precious creativity sources in yourself. At the same time, it is good to think about taking safe financial risks without causing significant losses but bold enough to develop spontaneity and have happy moments. After the 18th of February, Intellectual Ink Magazine urges you to stay up to date, learn, read and maintain active communication with others. It is a good thing to become more dynamic in your surroundings. At the end of February, your mental and psychological receptivity will increase.

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