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T Styles is the author of over ninety books. Formerly signed to Triple Crown Publications while working at Verizon, she and her spouse Charisse met and became close. After writing The Face that Launched a Thousand Bullets, she and her business partner Charisse formed the Cartel Publications. Their first releases being Shyt List by Reign, Victoria’s Secret by Jason Poole & Pitbulls in a Skirt by Mikal Malone. The Cartel made a permanent home on the Amazon Best Seller List with constant page-turners such as Raunchy, Black and Ugly, Silence of the Nine, and now War. Her name and brand have been synonymous with success for well over a decade.

Also in this issue, Allison Grace has a conversation with Best Selling Author T. Styles and the VP. Plus-Sized Model Liris Crosse visits Charlotte's Closet to discuss her book Make The World Your Runway. And, Diamond's Literary World reviews Yellow Wife by Sadeqa Johnson.

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