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          When one walks into a bookstore and sees the novel “Flyy Girl” from best-selling author Omar Tyree, you don’t ever think twice about purchasing. No matter what is costs, you find a way to buy it. It is indeed a cult classic. The industry standard for writing novels was based on stories such as this garnering Omar as a legend in his own time. 
         Omar is a native of Philadelphia and a graduate of Howard University that ventured into writing and publishing at a young age. It molded his path and his desire for learning. In 1995, Mr. Tyree signed a publishing deal from the powerhouse company Simon and Schuster and published the iconic book Flyy Girl. 

              That book put him on the map and during the course of his career, Omar Tyree has influenced many in the industry.  His far reached influence has caused him to be the recipient of such prestigious awards such as the Phyllis Wheatley Literary Award in 2006 as well as reaching the New York Times Bestseller’s List several times for works in his catalog. Novels such as “Flyy Girl, “For the Love of Money”, and “Boss Lady” chronicle the main character Tracy Ellison as she journeys through adolescence and coming to terms with adulthood and all of its trials. Those books as well as many others such as Single Mom, Sweet St Louis, and A Do Right Man cemented his place in literary history. Most notably, Mr. Tyree was the co-author of a memoir penned with former Washington DC Mayor Marion Barry.

Never one to stray from the spotlight and one to always be one step ahead of the trend, Omar Tyree is focused on being a media mogul with his production company Hot Lava Entertainment. As the man behind the machine, his main goal is to write and produce albums of spoken word, Hip Hop, and R & B. His latest work entails a beautiful spoken-word piece that speaks to the climate of our world today. Using the final chapter of the Bible as its foundation, Omar speaks on matters of the heart with the instrumentals and vocals of singer Dajulyn Wallace. Omar Tyree continues to break glass ceilings but is not afraid to reach down and offer a hand to those that come after him. That is the spirit of a true legend. 


Describe in 3 words your current work in progress.  
MONEY TALKS LOUDER ~ I’m transitioning into filmmaking and soundtrack production with a film called “Money Talks Louder” in Charlotte. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully, I’ll be well on my way to becoming the Quincy Jones of this social media generation with my films, soundtrack music, and dozens of opportunities.

If you weren’t an author what career would you have chosen?

I would have been an entrepreneur who runs his own business in another career. No matter what it would be I would be my own boss.

Tell us the story behind your current work. What inspired you to write it?  

We need a film like “Money Talks Louder” to show the evils of negative money versus positive money. I just wanted to make an excellent independent film right here in Charlotte.

Who is your favorite character? All of the characters are my favorite. 

What character and/or scene was hard to write and why?  The hardest scene to write and execute is a murder scene because it’s black on black again. But that’s the story that I’m telling. Gotta play it out.

What’s your favorite part of the writing process?

My favorite part of the writing process is finishing the project. I’m almost finished the revision of the screenplay now.
Who is YOUR favorite author?
OMAR TYREE is now my favorite author.


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