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Traditionally the slogan is March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. That is basically how we should see life. We should see everything like a lion but be lambs on the inside. The problem is we can either be lions or lambs and are unable to see the difference. Welcome to MARCH! This month we are intentional about everything happening, and it’s jampacked with lots of surprises! Allison Grace has a conversation with the incomparable Brian W Smith. Many have heard of him, but some don’t know exactly who he is. Now is your chance to get acquainted because his work is phenomenal! Of course, we have our staples- "It's The Suits For Me," by Charlotte’s Closet, Erick S Gray encourages you not to give up in WTF is Goin On, Haikeem Stokes sits down with Buck Bandit Productions, and Author Obsession interviews Poet Blaq Ice. Our features will have you smiling. Before I end this, I want to honor the women of this magazine. March is Women’s History Month, and I wanted to give flowers to the women that operate and run this magazine. Long nights, short days, lots of hard work, content, and promotions, blood, sweat, and tears go into this magazine. What we do is for YOU…. We are lions and lambs respectfully and move accordingly, and in this month, we are stepping up and showing out in all aspects. Be well and be you. Love the women in your life. Most of all, love yourself.


Love and light


Julia, Allison & Charlotte

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Julia Press Simmons - Editor In Chief

Allison Grace - Managing Editor

Shonell Bacon - Editor

Charlotte Young-Foye - Fashion & Beauty Editor

Braheim Gibbs = Contributing Writer

HaiKeem Stokes - Columnist

Erick S. Grey - Columnist

Diane P. Rembert - Columnist

Phoenix c. Brown - Columnist

Shonda Mayes - Columnist

Author Untamed - Columnist

Obsession - Columnist

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