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Love is an action word that many do not know how to show. Once people realize the seriousness involved, they can truly showcase and exhibit the attributes and actions that make love a verb. In this issue of Intellectual Ink Magazine, we are focusing on the type of love that matters the most, SELF-LOVE. Showing others the appreciation and gratitude you have for them means nothing if you don’t love and value yourself. This month's feature is the author entrepreneur extraordinaire, Brenda Hampton. She sits down with us to discuss her prolific writing career, Wall Street Company, and Black Girl Powerhouse. We have our usual staples such as Charlottes Closet: The Valentines, Boss Up: Adrienne Burke Eyewear, Events: F.R.E.S.H. Book Festival, Write News with Kareemah's Urban Books, and much more. We thank you sincerely for loving us the way you do, but we want you to remember that self-love is the best love. Take care of yourself first!


Love and light


Julia, Allison & Charlotte

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Julia Press Simmons - Editor In Chief

Allison Grace - Managing Editor

Shonell Bacon - Editor

Charlotte Young-Foye - Fashion & Beauty Editor

Braheim Gibbs = Contributing Writer

HaiKeem Stokes - Columnist

Erick S. Grey - Columnist

Diane P. Rembert - Columnist

Phoenix c. Brown - Columnist

Shonda Mayes - Columnist

Author Untamed - Columnist

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