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From Books To Screen

Lately, one glance at Carla’s page and you will see mostly pics of family and especially her granddaughter Lei Lei. Family is the center of this woman’s life. It’s the reason for her sanity, and it’s helped her get through many situations. There are vast comparisons between her and the main character of her best-selling novel, The Available Wife. Most notably, Carla will do anything for her family just like her book’s main character Niquole. To date, aside from being a grandmother and a loving mother, Carla’s also fiancé to her main squeeze Tyrone. Facebook famous for giving flash fiction reads on Wednesday, Carla continues to pull people in with her affinity for erotic reads in between being a future wife, loving mother, and a doting grandmother.

With everything that happened in the year 2020, Carla is currently celebrating the years end in a big way. In December, Carla’s aforementioned novel premiered on the Urban Music Channel to rave reviews. Starring actress KJ Smith who plays the main character, newcomer Terayle Hill and introducing veteran actor Clifton Powell, the Available Wife is the first of many novels for Carla that has transitioned from books to film. We can’t wait for what’s next.  I asked Carla some questions in her own words. Below here she lets you into her world.


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Describe in 3 words your current work in progress.  

Emotional. Life-changing. Real.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

In 5 years, I can honestly say I do not know where I see myself because, in 2020, I never expected to see myself promoting a movie based on a book that I wrote. I pray that I am still writing. 

If you weren’t an author what career would you have chosen?

If I weren’t an author, I think I’d be in customer service. I had a few jobs where I worked customer service on the phone. I enjoyed that.  

Tell us the story behind your current work. What inspired you to write it?

The main character, Mia, regrets a decision she made for her and her husband. It altered their marriage tremendously. There was no inspiration behind writing this piece. One day, I just started writing it. 

Who is your favorite character? 

Mia’s brother, Eddie. He is hilarious.

What character and/or scene was hard to write, and why? 

I actually cried while writing one scene. Mia and her husband received bad news. Mia didn’t take it very well. I put myself in Mia’s shoes and realized I would probably react the same way after receiving the news they did. 

What’s your favorite part of the writing process? 

My favorite part of the writing process is thinking of a book title. That’s fun. 

Who is YOUR favorite author? 

Right now, my favorite author is B.M. Hardin. Everything I’ve read of hers, so far, I have loved. She pulls you into her stories. 

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