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Here I am, standing tall and proud not only to rep my own brand but share my passion with others that also love to workout and rock the latest, stylish gear!

How many hats do you wear in your business(es)?

With every business venture my husband & I have established, I generally wear the hats of being the negotiator, the researcher, the organizer, the one that makes the business connections. 

How has growing up in New York City influenced your business decisions and model?
The funny thing is, I never imagined myself being an entrepreneur until I was in my mid-thirties. I always knew I would make something of myself and be more than the typical “around the way girl”. Knowing where I come from has kept me focused on where it is I want to be in life. Watching how adults around me carried themselves (whether good, great, or bad) was always my reminder of what type of adult I wanted to be. The community I grew up in was humble beginnings, a tight niche circle of minority individuals who lived an average life and was appreciative of that. I was happy to be amongst it all. 

What inspired you to seek out this particular business venture?

As a delivery business owner, I was simply looking for a business that my husband And I could completely own with no rules that would yield decent returns with a considerably low start-up cost. I then sought the idea of selling workout clothing for women, then later men, that are moved and inspired to live a healthy lifestyle through exercise. The C7 name brand came from my husband. I decided to make it a more feminine touch by adding Goddess to “C The God/7 in you.”

Tell us about some of the challenges you face as an entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, we face many issues, but to say the least; the ability to grow your brand and or customer-base is always a struggle when you are just starting. I went to post-grad school to earn two master’s degrees in education to solidify a stable income. Understanding that as an entrepreneur, it’s impossible to expect stability. This is why I haven’t abandoned my career as an educator. I have learned to use my income as a tool to further my entrepreneurial financial goals. 

What’s your most/least favorite part of the process?

My least favorite part of this process is “The unknown” of When/if my businesses will ever blow up and become a real household name. My favorite part is having my career income to lean on and use to help grow my businesses without any fears of financial failures that will leave me homeless. I give myself goals and timelines to eventually replace my career income with my business income. Still, sometimes I have to reset due to unforeseen events that occur.

Where do you see yourself a year from now?
A year from today, I truly see myself and my family living someplace bigger and better than where we live today. Don’t get me wrong; I am blessed to have what we have. I just want more because I have been working hard for more and better.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

My name is Andrea Cuevas. I am an Educator for the Dept of Education teaching our inner City students with disabilities in grades 3rd-5th grade. I am a wife of 16 years and a mother of two. My daughter is in college, & my son is on his way to high school. 

I also co-own several businesses alongside my husband. While teaching was always a passion of mine, I developed a strong love and passion for working out and eating healthy. I learned that while it’s great to share your world and knowledge with others, it would be financially rewarding to create an additional stream of income using the same platform of passion. 

While building our delivery business C7 Delivers (www.C7Delivers.com), I suddenly realized I should create a brand of exercise attire.  I wanted to attract and inspire women of all shapes and walks of life to join me on my journey of staying in shape. My husband’s brand has always been C7, so I came up with a spin-off to his brand and named it C7 Goddess. My workout gear would induce self-love and allow women to embrace their bodies. I then worked closely with my husband to find a manufacturer, invest in tools and resources for our logo, and open an online store to sell my workout gear (www.BurgundyC7.Shop). 

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