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Damien Dwimuzik Williams

How many hats do you wear in your business(es)?

Every hat you can think of. I’m the producer, Host, Human Resources, CEO, business administrator, payroll/finance manager; take your pick, I’m it. 

How has growing up in New York City influenced your business decisions and model? Wow, where do I start. I’m an 80s baby. Back then, the whole block was living through the crack epidemic; hip hop was on every block. I am the culture; I breathed it every day. 

What inspired you to seek out this particular business venture?

I have my community, the block raised me, the hustlers, your grandmother, it was a whole vibe.  They took care of me, and I felt a need to give back. Plus, I love music and talking to people, so it seemed like a no-brainer. 

Tell us about some of the challenges you face as an entrepreneur.

I think the biggest thing is organization. My business serves people in a very diverse, unconventional business and encompasses every hour of the day. I can get a call for studio time at 9 am, 3 am. It all depends on when an artist feels inspired to create. 

What’s your most/least favorite part of the process?

That’s a hard one. The least favorite is running errands. It’s time-consuming, but I love walking through the stores to see the latest gadget. 

Where do you see yourself a year from now? 

A year from now, I would have built a global pathway to Canada with my team, Tasha at SparkThat and NY 2 TO family. I’ll be spending more time with my son, and I’ll be traveling the world to capture more stories but, more importantly, add value one conversation at a time.

Growing up in the Bronx, Damien Williams always had an affinity for music. Now, able to bring his love of music to life, he deals with powerhouse players. This issue we chat with him about trusting the process and when he fell in love with hip hop.


Damatrix Studios Network 

“Where It All Begins”

Founded in a room in an apartment in the Bronx, the birthplace of Hip Hop, Damatrix Studios has set standards and bars for the independent industry from day one. Conceived by Damien “D.W.I.” Williams in 2000, we have continuously provided a superior sound quality and professional recording sessions as well as pioneering the internet broadcasting network for 18 years. Excelling the vision set forth in the original purpose of the Damatrix Studios we became the doors people have to step through on their way to the top. Grooming the internet radio game as a whole for both artist and personality/hosts alike we stepped the levels up for how content is delivered. Having become a major cornerstone in budding and building careers Damatrix Studios has been a premiere studio and a platform for so many voices to be heard. Proud to call ourselves “the voice of the underground” we have been blessed with interviews from legends (DMC, Joe Jackson, KRS One) to the stars of tomorrow (J Cole, Nipsey Hussel, Cardi B), bridging gaps
between urban culture (Doctor Dre, Funk Flex, DJ Self) and societal issues(Ocasio).

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