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Spring has sprung, and in honor of National Poetry Month, Intellectual Ink Magazine is thrilled to present our latest issue, POETRY IN MOTION an in-depth recap of the celebration honoring the first black mayor of Hagerstown. Write news conversations with author and founder of Written In Melanin LLC, C.M. Lockhart, and Poet Phoenix Kabali. In this edition, we feature the works of talented writers and poets who have shared their unique perspectives on life, society, and everything in between. From compelling essays to stirring poetry, our contributors have offered their best literary creations that are sure to captivate your imagination.

As always, Intellectual Ink Magazine will continue to be a source of inspiration and a platform for emerging writers, creatives, and entrepreneurs of color to share their unique visions with the world.

We invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy!


The latest issue of Intellectual Ink Magazine is dedicated to National Poetry Month and is titled "POETRY IN MOTION." The issue includes columns from Author Erick S. Gray, Author Untamed, Reviewer Diane P. Rembert, Creative Director Charlotte Young Foye, conversations with C.M. Lockhart and Poet Phoenix Kabali, Artist Shae Sunflowr, as well as works from talented writers and poets covering a variety of topics. The magazine continues to be a source of inspiration and a platform for emerging writers, creatives, and entrepreneurs of color.

Poetry In Motion

Tekesha Martinez, a first-term council member, was unanimously voted in as the new mayor of Hagerstown, Maryland. Martinez is the city's first Black mayor and Charlotte Young-Foye, our Creative Director, recounts attending her inauguration ceremony. 

Poet Phoenix Kabali

In this interview, Phoenix gives us a peek inside his creative process. He reveals that he has been writing and performing poetry for twenty-two years and that life experiences and human nature inspire his work. 

Big Pin-Up Anniversary

Charlotte is celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Big Pin-Up collection in honor of her international modeling debut that inspired the line. The Big Pin-Up collection represents the power of manifestation.

Artist Shae Sunflowr

Shae is a multi-hyphenate visual creative from Philadelphia who struggled with choosing one medium to focus on during her studies. Despite being discouraged, she pursued her dream and focused on developing each skill to master her craft. 

Author C.M. Lockhart

C.M. Lockhart, the author of "We Are the Origin," gave us a glimpse into her writing process and inspiration. Lockhart, who writes books about Black girls who aren't always nice, shared that her characters always come before the plot. 

Beyond The Page

Author Untamed takes us "Beyond the Page" a docuseries that delves into the lives of established independent and self-published book industry professionals. Hosted by Marvin Mason, it features interviews with authors, editors, and bloggers who discuss their experiences in the publishing world. 

WTF ~ Opinion Column

Erick S. Gray shares his views about Jonathan Major’s controversial Ebony cover issue and Russell Westbrook’s look in a white dress. The author questions whether black men are deciding to wear dresses and women's fashion by choice or subtle coercion. 

Diamond's Literary World Review

Check out this thrilling new debut novel by Jumata Emill! When Nova Albright becomes the first black homecoming queen, her white counterpart Tinsley McArthur is not happy. But when Nova is murdered on coronation night, all fingers point to Tinsley. 

Politically Activated
Flash Fiction

"Five minutes changed Ryan's life forever. A local community event turned into a scene of devastation when gunfire shattered the peaceful atmosphere. As she witnessed the heartbreaking aftermath, Ryan's fear turned into fury and she became politically motivated to change gun laws. But can she inspire her classmates to join her cause? Read on to find out in this gripping tale of tragedy, resilience, and the power of activism."

Tour of The Ghetto by
Shawn Hudson

This powerful poem truly takes you on a tour of the ghetto, where gunshots pour down like raindrops and peaceful nights are as rare as a comet sighting. It paints a vivid picture of the struggles faced by those living in poverty, from the street pharmacists dealing government poison to the crooked cops sworn to protect and serve.

Briana Samone

Sammie's Sweetz is a bakery founded by Briana Samone who has been baking since age five. The freedom to be creative and spend time with family has been the most enjoyable aspect of starting her own company. 

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